Do you blog?


Do you have a face?


Then you should participate in 20sb's Vlog Day!


In case you haven't noticed, 20sb has grown a lot lately. And we want to meet your beautiful faces. On June 8th, join us in blowing up the interwebz with awesome, in the form of vlogging.


The theme for Vlog Day is "Introduce Yourself."


Tell us a little about you, or about your blog, or about your boyfriend, or about your boobs. Show us your house, or your mom, or your badass dance moves, or your boobs.


If you're an anonymous blogger, you can still join in on the fun! Technology is crazy nowadays, kiddos. Use a filter, wear big sunglasses, put a bag over your head, vlog sitting backwards... the possibilities are endless, so no excuses for those bloggers without a face. We want to meet you, too!


If you're nervous about vlogging for the first time, no worries. We've all embarrassed ourselves on camera at some point in our blogging history. (I sang Spice Girls into a hairbrush for a vlog, y'all.) If you need some ideas on how to get started, check out some staff Vlog Day videos. You can find Dshan's here. Lacey's here. And Jenn's here.


All you have to do to participate is post your video on your own blog Wednesday, June 8th. Include this in your post:


"This video post is part of 20SB’s Vlog Day and the topic is “Introduce Yourself”…anyone can participate! Details are here."


Then post your video link in the comments section of this thread or the 20sb blog, and we'll link them up for a spectacular Vlog Day event.


Be creative, have fun, and if you're planning on showing nudity in your video, you can email that shiz directly to my inbox, ifyaknowhatimean.

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Here is mine:

I also posted it on the blog since I wasn't sure which place we were using. 

DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU, even though I didn't warn you. This isn't a warning.

I never read warning labels anyway...
You kind of reminded me of Charlie Sheen the way you spoke and your mannerisms.

Okay my first vlog!!!  short and sweet cause I didn't know what else to say :p enjoy!! 

Aw, living in a dorm looks like so much fun. I always wanted to, but I went to a local school so there really wasn't a point. "/

it's uploaded :D


#20SBvlogday 2011

SO..... I planned out this whole vlog for today. I had props, background music, even my dog was featured. I recorded it - and let's just say it was terrible. So no vlog for me today since I don't feel like re-doing it ALL OVER AGAIN. But I'm loving all of yours. They are awesome!
I don't know how props, background music and a dog can be terrible... :(


Welcome to 20SB!






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