We all know that our 20's can be some of the busiest of our lives. Trying to juggle new careers/school, friendships and relationships, PLUS blogging and being a part of an awesome community is not easy.


So over our time here, we've seen some great bloggers who have now dissappeared. Here are some of my favorite:


Orion our resident Alaskan. He personally knew the Palins and was one of the funniest guys on this site. He blogged about his travels over at Swift Serenity. His last post is from 2010.


Brianne was hilarious. She's still pretty active on twitter and blogs from time to time (her blog). I am currently trying to locate the video of her awesome song/rap about being fat + chicken nuggets.


And last but not least, Danaconda from From the head of the Danaconda. He really needs to come back and remind us how to HOUSE IT!


So 20sb, which 20sb users do you miss? Maybe if we make enough noise, they will come back!





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Sara Nipples! I know home girl got married and new a job and is having a totally awesome life now. But I miss her snarky, sexy and sometimes downright silly posts.

+ ALL THE NUMBERS. Come back, Sara. We miss you... :(

I agree. This was going to be my answer too! I miss all the swearing.

I second this !

And how could I forget, DShan!

Mandy Moore. She used to have The Real Mandy Moore and then started Watch My Sass. Now she's empty, and so is my heart. Luckily I know where she lives.


Diary of a Dying Girl

Well, she's probably still around. Probably blogging about having a different illness. 

You think she was full of shit? Honestly? I mean, she sort of disappeared.

Considering Jorah is a personality of another 20-er, YES. 

Considering another 20sb-er pointed out that she was online when she was supposedly having life-saving surgery, YES. 

Considering pictures she posted on her blog that were supposedly her boyfriend, and it turned out to be a magazine model (or actor), yes. 

She disappeared because she was found to be a liar. You're not the only one who believed her. Sadly, it wasn't true. 

Wow, really? I'm not on here enough to keep up with this stuff.. yikes! That's so crazy that someone would feel the need to do that.


Welcome to 20SB!






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