My husband and I just announced it to our family that we're expecting! We're excited, nervous, and very thankful. Are there any 20something moms or dads out there? Obviously, I'll be on the lookout for parent blogs and I would love to connect with you! xo

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Congratulations Nagehan! That is SO exciting!! I obviously don't have a parenting blog, but there are a TON out there. is one of my faves (she's a young mom, though probably not in her 20s any more). To me it seems every blog on is a parenting blog, so I'd recommend looking there too!

Thanks, lady! I love your blog and have been reading it since my nyc days. My husband and I both miss it there. Like the other day when we were like, "We miss the Thai Market!" (Btwn 108 & 109th, Amsterdam) or real Indian food, the park, oh, THE park.

So exciting! You must be so thrilled. Congrats :)


I read a Blog called Rainy Saturday - she's not a full time mommy blogger but when she does write about being a Mom and having a little boy, it's pretty sweet. I think you'd like her writing a lot!


You know what's great? When it's my time to have a little bundle, I'll have YOUR blog to reference... Yay! :)

Thanks! We are super thrilled. You rock my socks! :)

P.S. I just realized that a pregnancy announcement on your blog repels readers. I lost followers. Whaaaat? :)



Welcome to 20SB!






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