I've decided that I am going to start a photo a day blog to chronicle my daily life. I currently have a blog on blogger (http://mycheckedbaggage.blogspot.com/) and last night I opened up an account on livejournal for my photo a day blog (http://directorsara.livejournal.com/). However, I'm not sure if I really like livejournal. It seems that I can't give my blog the name I want (it just comes up with my username) and I'm also not sure about adding widgets and other things to my blog.

Does anyone use livejournal and really like it? I'm pretty comfortable with blogger right now and am thinking that I may end up just creating another blog on it. Any suggestions? Also, anyone else out there have a photo a day blog? If so, I'd love to see it!

Thanks for the help!

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Live journal just doesn't seem that "pretty" to me...maybe its because I'm used to the look of blogger and it is really easy to use and it makes everything look nice.

I'm going to check out wordpress though...good suggestion!
I've used livejournal, wordpress, and now blogger. Livejournal I liked for the same reason as Carrie, being able to have some public, some private, and some friends only posts, but I didn't stick with it for too long.

I feel blogger is much easier, why not just add a second blog to your blogger account? It also be easier for your readers to follow.

And I'm thinking about doing the photo-a-day thing too! I'm interested to see yours, let us know when it's up and running, okay?
I'm thinking that I'm going to check out wordpress and see how that works and if that isn't really what I want then I'm going to add another one to blogger...
I quite livejournal and deadjournal both of which I had in high school, though they may have changed they weren't really a good format for me.

I don't know about blogger I haven't used it in a long time but wordpress.com has a photo blog theme which is pretty nice for one photo a day type blogs.
I'll have to check out wordpress...thanks
If you are familiar with HTML, LJ isn't too bad to use - although, like the others, I've used it only as a personal journal, rather than for my blog. But if you aren't experienced in it, the new LJ themes make it more difficult to customize.
Yeah, I was trying to figure out how some of the things worked and it looked to me like you had to know HTML at least some, and I don't know anything about it at all...
I used LJ for years and never liked it, I just didn't know about blogger until recently, and now that I'm there I LOVE it, the fact that it's easy to use, easy to customize and that you can have MULTIPLE blogs under one account...TERRIFIC!! I Say stick to Blogger...LJ is just...off the rails.
If you ask me which is better Livejournal or Blogger, hands down I have to go with Blogger.

Afterall, Google makes Blogger and don't you heart Google? I heart Google. Everyone hearts Google! They're just the best. So all the way...it's Blogger baby!


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