Hey! I just started a group for us vegetarians and vegan out there. Check it out!

p.s. If you also just want to eat healthier this is for you!

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Woo-hoo, I'm the only member! Go me and my non-meat eatiness....
I'm not a veggie, but if it weren't for turkey bacon, I might be! I'm always looking for more ways to sneak veggies into my diet. (Not that I don't love veggies, cause I do, but for some reason it still takes an effort to eat them some nights.)
I'm also a meat eater, but have been trying to incorporate more veggie meals into our week. Last year (? early this year?) I went through a great run of one new, vege recipe per week, but I'm struggling with work a lot more recently, and have barely been cooking at all, let alone creatively! Hopefully I'll be able to turn over a new leaf soon!

My favourite boy-friendly vege meals are mostly Mexican or Italian. So many delicious things to do with beans and tomatoes
I actually just made a really great vegetarian "sloppy joe" dish tonight. It's made with TVP (textured vegetable protein) which is really, really healthy for you and has the same texture and look as ground beef. Even my meat loving husband enjoyed it.
Hey guys, am a lover of veggies! I havent eaten red meat in about 13 years. If anyone is looking for recipes I have a couple of good ones on my blog.
I posted a little while back an awesome recipe for a vegan green bean casserole, and a Great pot pie! The pot pie isn't Vegetarian, but as I was making it I kept thinking how much better it would be just loaded with veggies! My husband likes meat so I will some times just make chicken to keep him happy! I still snuck a couple of good veggies in there though ;)
I'm going to your blog to check it out! My husband looooooves green beans. ...


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