Is anyone else wishing it was time to go home? I am so looking forward to the weekend, it's crazy.

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not much time left now!! 5 hours and couting!!! :)
I am wrapped up with a bunch of stuff. Taking advantage of starting next week with a semi-clean desk. :)
I didn't get to leave early for the weekend so I made up for it by leaving a 4pm on a Monday. Take that, office life!
You know, I absolutely love grad school life, but giving us 6 weeks off at Christmas makes it really hard to get back in the routine of reading, writing, reading, going to class, doing stuff, and thinking.

Also, I'm tired of being poor.
When I am bored I try to be creative in the strangest ways, I actually made a little blog series about what to do when bored. I always had a skill that I look like I am working but I am really not and I am just bored.

my latest pastime favorite
That's hilarious. I could get really into that hobby.
I only blog at home. There's not time to get bored where I elementary school!


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