Hey guys as of right this moment we have 96 members. Everyone has been added to the feed. If you have changed your blog or feed address since you joined, let me know so I can update it in the group RSS. If you haven't already told your fellow 20something blogging friends about this group so that we can cross the 100 member mark.

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I read this before I joined, and then when I joined it told me I was #100. I find that somewhat amusing, like I crossed a big milestone or something, lol.
i'm #104. success!
If our blogs are added to a feed, then what is the "Add A New Blog Post" button for?
wow! 100! 100+! That's pretty incredible. Thanks Elysa, for keeping the group RSS up to date!
Yes I LOVE the RSS feed for all the twenty something bloggers. I've found some hidden gems because of it!

Thanks again Elysa
hehehe... I finally added a badge to my blog, and my husband (greatest IT asset, as well as greatest critic ;-p) was on my site and commented on it.

Yes, he blogs, too... but, he's from another decade (but, I did enjoy this an another opportunity to remark on his lovely grey hairs, etc. lol).
Yeah 200!
congrats to you lady founders! lisa...hell of an idea.


Welcome to 20SB!






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