I've been scavenger 'ing' around the community for about a week now and I never formally introduced myself. My name is Latoya, but I am heavily thinking of changing it to Lotus for some reason. I am a 20-something unemployed graduate school student at the University of South Carolina studying to obtain my master's in Social Work. (Go Cocks!) ---> it's almost critical to put this if you attend this school. Anyway, I am an AVID SIMS 3 player since I was like 10 years old and I love Snyder's of Hanovers Pretzel Sticks.


http://pbm2011.wordpress.com - The U.C.O.N. formally known as The Unemployment Chronicles of Narnia. :) 


What's my blog about? Gosh, a lot? I mean I have the specific theme of unemployment struggles and how I went from being upper middle class to being on the poverty line but sometimes you just feel like posting about anything. It's an enjoyable blog with tons of potential. I hope you all decide to check it out!

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