or am I the only one posting so far. but im also relatively new...

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Oh my! I hadn't written a blog post in months. But I do need to get back to blogging thought. I kind of miss it. And I think a few people made good points on the ratio of male to female bloggers, and the way male blogs differently than females. But this occurs all the time.

If I had to venture a guess as to why there seem to be more female bloggers than male bloggers, I'd say it's because women like to hear what other women think, and men like to hear what women think, lol. Not that us guys don't have valued opinions, but with an abundance of fashion blogs, wedding blogs, baby blogs, design blogs, etc... It seems as though the more popular styles of blogs are for a female demographic. 

That being said, I am going to scour this thread for fellow male bloggers who blogs I may enjoy, and I'll continue writing my blogs for whatever sex decides to read them.

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Don't let my profile pic fool you. I am a male blogger. When I started my blog I thought maybe a few people would read it, mostly guys. It turned out my entire readership as far as I know is women. I was surprised, but i am completely ok with it.


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