While I was growing up, my Turkish family didn't celebrate Christmas. On every Christmas Day, my family and I drove to New York City to take photos around the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, walked around the city, and shopped. Some years, we stayed in and and ordered food, and enjoyed each others company.

How many of you don't celebrate Christmas? What do you do on Christmas Day?



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I don't celebrate Christmas for the religious/traditional reasons.. I mostly celebrate by cooking way too much food, lighting a tree, and wrapping/exchanging gifts.... So, I guess I do celebrate it but not necessarily in the same fashion that Christians do.

I'm not sure my family celebrates Christmas in the religious sense. My mom's side of the family gathers at someone's house for a big dinner and gift exchange, but that's about it. My dad and I don't really do anything. 

I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm a Jew. However, most of my friends do, and I usually get invited somewhere. Being from New York City, I love the holiday season. New York is famous for it, and it's hard not to get in the spirit.

second for team Jew.  I don't really do anything in particular. I just do what I do every day. I treat it like a day off. Maybe I hang out with my family. Maybe I just sit around and do nothing. Maybe take a walk? I do not go to the movies and eat chinese. No.

It's my favorite holiday. There's no reason not to celebrate! :)

If I can get away with it. I will be with a book by myself for the entire holiday while all of my family, plus my husband pretends they're not stressed out and miserable on a different continent and timezone. 

Gunna be mega sweet. 

Why are you not joining them? (besides not wanting to be stressed out, of course...) :) I'm going to Wisconsin with my husband to celebrate with his family. I refused to get myself stressed out this year. I planned ahead and bought all our gifts in advanced. I think shopping in December is the worst thing anyone can do to themselves.


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