I'm on the east coast...D.C area to be exact. And I was wondering if anyone blogged about their experience with hurricane Irene?? I blogged a small bit about it at my blog autumn-rain.com and wanted to read others posts. Kthanxbye

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I'm in NJ. I actually took a short hiatus while it was going on because I figured I was going to lose power. Thankfully I didn't! I didn't do a whole indepth post, most just saying that we made it through pretty much unscathed except for Dad's garage having a small piece of the scaffolding taken off.

Yep!  http://www.oursemiorganiclife.com/2011/08/meals-for-week-august-29t...  

Luckily our house and cars were fine but we were without power for 28 hours and our basement flooded.  Many of the houses nearby still don't have power and many of the traffic lights and street lights are still out.


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