The votes have been cleared so everyone is back at zero!

Has your favorite blogger been featured yet? Well if they haven't then YOU need to nominate them!

A few rules/suggestions to make this process easier:

1) Sorry guys, but you shouldn't nominate yourself on here. It's about being nominated by your PEERS.

2) Please, please, please, provide a link to the person's profile and blog. Just stating their name does NOT mean we know who you're talking about. There are 50 Rachel's on this site... Some people use their blogs as their profile name. If you only list a name we most likely won't count it.

3) If someone nominates someone that you love, great! But please try to not just say "I love her/him too!" I don't know if you are voting for them or just loving them. If you want your vote to count, please state "I agree, She/He has my vote too!"

4) We know you love your blogger buds but voting for them twice in one month doesn't help them. One vote per month. Get out there and encourage others to vote!

5) One vote per month means one total vote. A nomination is counted as a vote. We know it's tough to make sure you 'second' a person who's been nominated (to keep the thread organized, but no matter what just cast a single vote each month.

So get out there and vote! we will have a new voting discussion every month, so if your favorite doesn't win this month, try again next month.

Happy voting!!

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Holy shit y'all, I'm in love with each and everyone one of you. And if I win for April's featured blogger I will totally re-inact, on film, the time I saw a bunch of homeless people shoot up heroin in front of my dog. I WILL DO THIS. Or, I'll stop punching poor people for the month of april. YOUR CHOICE!

This is a fantastic campaign promise. I feel a little silly for just throwing my vote away to Justin without demanding something in return.

I'm firmly in the Tristachio camp!  (insert crude tent-pitching joke here)

My vote goes to Tristachio!

Count my vote for Tristachio!

How awesome are you!! I just saw this. Thank you so much, that made my entire day! :D

Yay! Glad I made your ENTIRE day!

I agree! has my vote too!

Thirded. :) 


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