My future sister in law and I were discussing what could be the average number of sexual partners that a person, male, female or otherwise could have by age 32.

She hypothesized a very low number ( <10) in my opinion.
I think back to my classmates in high school and don't believe that the majority of the population only has had 10 partners in 32 years.

This seems like a great place to poll....answer away!

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Well, as I'm sure you realize, I think it varies a lot, especially dependent on the person's upbringing, surroundings, lifestyle, age when they lost their virginity, etc.
For example, I'm 22 and have had 9 partners.
My boyfriend is 28 and has had 3.
My ex-roommate is now about 26 I think and has had over 100.

I did a quick google search and found an article from MSNBC on the topic: New survey tells how much sex we’re having.
It's pretty interesting. It surveyed around 1600 people between 20 and 59, and claims "The median number of lifetime female sexual partners for men was seven; the median number of male partners for women was four."
I've read this article before. Of course, in my opinion, seven partners for men and four for women seems very low but we must remember that many people - girls especially - are pressured to wait until marriage that would leave their number at 1. And so, some people's numbers skew something like the "average" to something that seems very low.

Also, I do think it's probable that 29% of men and 9% of women have had 15 or more partners. I think, most people find this to be a rather high number to be honest (not me personally). Also, I've heard that in some cities something like 7 partners is completely average but in New York due to high population/busy lifestyle/ease of casual hookups the average is more like 30.
lol funny but so true at times
I'm 23 and have had 3. ^_^
My number is less than 10 (I'm 25) but if I were to find myself single again (I'm very happy currently and feel completely comfortable doing the long-term thing right now....) I am almost certain that my number would exceed 10 by the time I'm 32.

At one time in my life, I was on a sexual journey and wanted something like 150 partners. I even told my boyfriend this the night I met him! But now, I'm completely happy keeping my number where it's at because I've learned in regards to the number of partners that more partners doesn't necessarily mean they will enrich my knowledge of my sexual self. I'm learning way more in this exclusive relationship than with all my other partners combined.
Ditto. (Except that I'm not in a long-term relationship right now.)

I especially want to echo that number of partners is not as "important" as quality/quantity of sex. :) One-night stands can be pretty lousy since you never get a chance to grow together sexually.
I'm on the same lines as The Sassy Sexpert...

I'm 23 years old and my magic number, ha, is eight. I'm in a relationship though, and if single, I'm sure I'd get to ten by the age of 32... That's 11 years, after all...

I'm thinking <10 is definitely too low. Would 20 be too high? Possibly. But all I can do is guess, so I my guesstimate would be, hm, 17.... I really just like prime numbers.
my number is low. i'm 25 and have only had 2..
Wohoo! I was beginning to feel like such a prude with my figure!
haha, right?? i feel bad that my number is so low. i need to slut things up this year! j/k. it's probably not a bad thing.. i'm kind of proud of it ^_^
I am 22 and from what i can remember the number is 13- but i am sure i had more just cant remember everymore.
i started like at age 14
At 14?? Damn you were young.


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