How witty are you?


Can you be wittier than the person who posts/replies before you?


:D Rkt


Who is REALLY smarter, men or women? 


Do you stand by/ against/ for/ or both sexes?


Or is it all neutral, is it what society has bred us to believe? 

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If I go first, do I automatically win?

there's always gonna be someone that can always beat you in their reply :o


(on a side note, your comment on it's own was kinda witty ;)



HAHA this made me giggle.'s gonna be a long one
or very short and over quickly if my experience with most 20 something men counts for anything...



Battle of the sexes? lol

are you sure they were men..or still kids?

it's difficult to tell these days with the male obsession with manscaping...


it used to be if there's grass on the field, play ball


and well, if there isn't?


well... it's usually too late by then anyway

If there isn't does that mean we slip and slide?

I'm assuming everyone else here, don't have their A game! 


9 replies!


I was expecting a plethora of wittiness!

I guess it shows how much people are to be considered witty
tsk tsk tsk.


Welcome to 20SB!






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