Today is my 25 birthday! I'm a quarter century through my life people, and couldn't be happier.

Today I posted a recap of my 25 before 25 list

As well as my new 26 before 26 list

Many of the blogs I read feature bucket lists in some way shape or form, do you have one? Are they a good idea? My experience last year, was that even though I didn't cross everything off the list, it still easily made my year better and more driven than it may have otherwise been!

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I just did something similar, though not really a "bucket list".

Things I hope to learn before I'm 30.

Good luck on your list!

I like the idea of a list of things to learn, rather than do!

First of all, happy birthday! :-)

I have made "bucket lists" before, but I didn't call them bucket lists and they didn't have a definitive deadline. So, usually I would achieve *maybe* half the things on the list before giving up or forgetting the list altogether.

You've given me an idea for a new post/project, though...maybe I should do 22 before 22...

I for sure recommend it!

Happy (belated) birthday!

I am working on a 25 Before 25 list, which I will be posting on Saturday (specifically because that day is my half birthday, which gives me two and a half years to accomplish all the goals I've set out for myself). It's a combination of things I've never done before and things I've always wanted to do but have been lazy about actually doing. I like birthday lists because I work better with deadlines and a birthday is a much more definitive deadline than a general bucket list as the deadline for that is, well... death. :P

I like birthday lists too, because it's not a new years resolution so there's less pressure for the goals to be 'life improving' or what ever and you're right a concrete deadline is important! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I should. 30 is coming up quicker that I'd like it to.

I'd love to see it if you make one!

Here is my 25x25 list.  I'm making pretty good progress  considering that I have over a year left...of course the pricier options are the ones that are taking the longest :-p

I love your list, especially to read more biographies, I'm on the bruce springsteen one that came out recently right now!

I've hemmed and hawed about whether I should put together a list like this, and I always end up deciding not to. I have big goals for particular years (I wanted to finish my Masters at 25, I want to move into a new apartment at 26, etc), but I don't have an ongoing list. But after seeing some other lists, maybe now I should start one! I feel fairly motivated generally, but sometimes I do need an extra kick in the butt, perhaps having a list to check off would do that.

I especially love that they motivate me to do more fun things, things that I don't have to do, aren't necessarily life achievements, but to go out of the way to do something fun! Would love to see your list if you make one!


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