I love my blog dearly, yet... I have no interesting header. I have to custom buttons. I am, well, a bit boring. I've been debating whether or not to pay someone to make me an oh-so-pretty header, but, let's face it, it can get expensive. Who made your header? Did you make your own? What do you recommend?




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I make my own headers.I'm a photographer (7 years) and I've been doing graphic design/photoshop work for almost 8 years. I also know a good bit about CSS and HTML so it's easier for me.


I'm actually looking to start doing some blog design for people. At the start it would be pretty cheap (probably $10 for a header) so if you're interested let me kno! :)


Here's my blog



I made my own :)



I recently did a post about all the headers I've made myself here.


The early ones were made with Piknik, but I have Photoshop now, so I was able to explore and make some more.

I made my own in Photoshop. I've seen others who have made them in more simplistic programs, but I am personally a photoshop girl all the way.


I also designed the About Me, and all the section headers in photoshop, and am working on doing the same for my other blogs.

Like others, I make my own.  And have made some for others.  (My design site is: http://www.AdorkableDesign.com)


I'm doing everything via donation at this point (though it's not mentioned on the site).  I'm raising money for school, so even $5, I'd be willing to repay the favor with some design work.  However, remember that most designers will incorporate an hourly wage into their prices.  $35-50 depending on the designer wouldn't be too uncommon, or unfair in my opinion.

B's Blog Boutique did my blog design for me. If you would like to go check it out you can. My blog is Brunch with Amber or if you just go to her site, she has some of her design examples up. She's really great, works with you, does exactly what you want, reasonably priced. All that good stuff. :) Hope this helps!
A friend of mine made mine for me, and I'm actually doing a bit of a redesign to have another friend make me a new one (and some buttons!) It's always useful to befriend people who are good with Photoshop ;)


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