There are some forums that talked a little about resolutions this year, but do you have any goals for your blog?

I've been blogging for three years now, and was suddenly inspired to take on a new project. In 2013, I'll be blogging every day. Plus, I have some other goals to be more active on 20sb and find some great new blogs to read, as lots of the people I started 20sb with have quit. D:

What are you blogging goals?

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I blogged daily in 2010 and it was awesome, though a bit overwhelming at times. You're going to have so much fun with it, and learn so much. 

I think I'd like to focus my blog more and limit my postings to helpful topics. I also need to finish setting up my self-hosted site and hopefully write some guest posts. The great thing about blogging is that there are always opportunities to grow and experiment with new things. I'm excited to hear what everyone else is working on!

It's be 6 days and I'm already exhausted! :)

Guests post are always so fun to do. I only did a handful in 2012, so maybe I can do a few more this year too.

Reading more blogs is definitely a goal. I'd love to get up to blogging every day, but, you know, baby steps. Maybe more like "once a week" for starters. For now I'm just going to focus on reading more blogs.

Blogging is more fun for me when I'm also reading other blogs and there is a two way comment and participate street.

On that note too: watch more vlogs.

That's a tough one! I think my goal is to create more meaningful discussion on my blog. Sure, I can have a post with a bunch of instagram pictures featuring what I did that weekend, but I also want to start incorporating some more thoughtful topics.

I work in higher education and I think my concrete goal is to have a good, thoughtful post about the field at least once a month, maybe once every two weeks to keep things regular. I've posted about it here and there, but I'm very opinionated about the field (maybe I don't post because I'm afraid I'll be divisive!) and I'm sure I'd have lots to talk about.

Even if you have strong opinions, if you post in a way that invites discussion and that helps people see your point of view, your readers will appreciate that.

One of my blogs is a pop culture site and it's amazing to me the types of discussions that have been spawned in the comments, as we talk about Fifty Shades of Grey or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Point is: post things you love, be honest, and people will jump into the conversation. :)

Sage advice, I appreciate it :).

I work in higher ed too, so I'd love to read posts like that. :)


Maybe like my blog and actually update it.  I feel like every time I updated my blog, I hated what I had to say.

*felt like


I just wanna keep doing what I've been doing for the past several months—2012 was a big year of growth and change on my blog, and I want it to continue in that positive direction on an even grander scale. I recently started accepting guest bloggers (first of the series goes up next week), and so far I've had a really great response. Likewise, I want to start guest blogging elsewhere and make more connections that way. That said, I could use some help in the time management department. I do SO much writing, reading, commenting, stat-checking, etc. that pretty much every waking hour is spent with it on my mind. There's definitely a need to limit my obsession so I can be productive in, like, other areas of life. (And get more sleep, already.) 


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