I know next to nothing about blog hops and I just joined one because it was a cause close to my heart... but I discovered it accidentally and who knows if I even did it right, but I'm more curious about the norms and etiquette of these things. Do you guys only do them if you know the person who started it? Are you actually supposed to be invited (even if it's technically open to anyone)? Should you send a message to the founder/starter and introduce yourself?

I find myself wondering similar things about comments - do you all introduce yourself before you comment on someone else's blog the first time? I never really do, but I recently realized that might be kind of weird and wondered if I'd been ignoring blog netiquette unintentionally... thoughts?


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I've never done a blog hop, but commentwise, it's always nice to get "introduced," I guess, or find out how someone found you, but it's definitely not necessary. I don't think many bloggers are going to complain about someone leaving comments!
I dont know anything about blog hops =/ Guess I'm not hip to the lingo haha!
I never introduce myself, unless someone specifically asked to let the person know that they sent me, u know? I always leave my link if it gives the option to leave name/url though so they can find me if they wanna


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