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I do Meg's Monday Mingle blog swap on from Life of Meg occasionally- but I'm looking for another good blog swap that I can do on days other than Mondays.

I found this cool page that has an archive of blog swaps during every of the week which is nice- but I noticed almost all of them are for "mommies" and stuff.


I have no kids and am not married. The blog swaps that I checked out did not look interesting due to that fact. Perhaps I misjudged and it was coincidence...


Also, all the ones I looked at seemed to be currently inactive from what I could tell, or they were unfamiliar to me in the way that they were run. They simply said to post the button on my page. How does that get people to my blog?


Anyone out there have a good blog hop that I could try? I love Meg's because it's fresh every week and you can click on links to the other blogs as well as post your own. Here's her latest if you want to see what I mean.


I'd like to do more than just one a week because unfortunately, (sorry Meg) I don't get much new traffic from it. Seems most people post their blog but don't follow the rule of visiting two other sites and sadly, I rarely see her button on their blog.


Let me know please!



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I do a book recommendation linkup, but it's just once a month, on Thursdays: http://www.faithpermeatinglife.com/search/label/ThreeBooksonThursday

I'd love to have you join if you have book recommendations to share!

That would be great! I have a lot of books I could recommend.

I didn't start this topic but really wanted some blog hops to try and since I read a fair amount this would be great! Thanks for the suggestion

I link up anyway! -laughs- Even if I don't have anything 'in common' as far as being married/have kids, it's still nice to have the views from the hop. If they comment too, cool! It doesn't much matter to me.

Yea, I would do that but they all looked inactive...

Most hops I find are "mommy blog" hops. And I very rarely have anything in common with those blogs, so I stay away. I'm also interested in finding some cool link-ups.. especially the kind that don't require you do a bunch of things to link-up.

The only one that I've managed to remember to do on the regular is Sunday Confessions at http://www.itsalyx.com/. It's on the smallish side, not mommy centric and I've gotten a few semi-regular commenters out of doing it. I'd totally check it out.

Sometimes I jump in on this one, and I get a decent amount of traffic from it: http://houseofcline.blogspot.com.au/ (I think it is a mommy blog  but it's got a good them, they do a random one aswell and I like it)

I know what you mean about "mommy" blog-hops, I'm also sick of pintrest ones too. 

My favourite one is "Dear Monday" by Megan at Happy Day. You can check her previous hops or link ups here. I know that it's another Monday one but it's one of my favourites! 

I did try that- but I think that it was too topic-specific. It was a writing prompt blog. Creative writing.


I might try a regular one.


I do need to get my visitors back. It's been a while since I have been regularly blogging so I don't have visitors anymore.


I'll post on here if I start a blog hop!

Starting a blog hop is a great idea! I am kind of sick of linking up to the "mommy" ones as well!

Any topic you would be interested...i have been thinking about starting one to gain more people but i want it to be something fun and original....

I completely agree! Do you want to join forces and start one together?


Give me a couple weeks to build my readership back up and I'd love to co-host it.


Welcome to 20SB!

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