Hey Everyone,

Just a random discussion question here!

What are some of your blogger goals? Do you have a follower goal, or are you trying to take your blog in a new direction, or are you simply trying to start your first blog?

I feel like brainstorming with others or bouncing your own ideas around inspires and motivates everyone!

Personally, I would like to open my own etsy stop soon and I'm trying to move my blog into more of an art showcase then it is currently. I love documenting everything and my blog has become my personal journal but I'm still trying to have it be somewhat organized with its own unique qualities as a blog! I'm also trying to add to my "Corners of the World" page where I have links to blog posts about places, museums, and restaurants that I've visited so viewers can easily find things. I've been in love with creating and adding to this page and I think it will soon end up being a strong element on my blog so one of my goals is definitely to expand that list!

You can see my blog at http://thirstyworlddesigns.blogspot.com

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At this point, my blogging goal is the finish the long-form story that has turned into a novel that I've been working on for about five months now. I completed NaNoWriMo in 2011, but this is a much more involved project, and has become a bit more fulfilling. I just need to finish it now.

Lorraine actually started a thread on this exact same topic around the beginning of the year. You can find it here.

Thanks for sharing that, Sarah! I've been meaning to check in on how everyone is doing with their goals. This thread is a great reminder!

Yes Definitely! I had forgotten about that thread since it was a while ago, but we can use this new one as a way of a follow up or how have your goals been going?

I recently switched over to self hosting, and did a total blog makeover. It's been a great transition I LOVE the freedom of self hosting, but I think my biggest goal is to improve my blog both content and design. I also want to do more cool things to write about :P I just got a new job and well....thats not exciting!

Oh and I want to to Guest Blog more! 

I take guest bloggers!!

As far as followers go, I try not to set goals for that. I am happy if I see a couple of people reading a day. My blog , I am hoping turns into one of those things that helps me finish my book. As of now it is not going that way but maybe it could (?) But it serves me as a good collection for when I apply to jobs. So, for me that is what I have always needed it for and so it works. But of course I want to end up like Jenny Lawson ,The Bloggess

I want to set myself a regular posting schedule and actually stick to it. 

I've been shite at both for the past year and a half. =/

Yeah, me too. I used to write every day.

I'm not really sure what happened.

That's my big thing right now. I've got several weeks of consistent MWF posts now, but I'm now at this point where it's like, "OK. I did that. It's hard. I quit."

Thats something I am rubbish at too! I am just back from 2 months of no posting and hoping that this time I am more regular with things to post about =D

Same here. I have decided to carry a small notebook with me everywhere and also I have set a reminder on my calendar for each night to prepare a blog post. 

Also, made a motivation board for my blog which I will hope help as well!


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