Sometimes when I think about blogging I get sort of depressed. I mean, am I going to blog for the rest of my life?


Yes - well that's a little depressing.

No - well why no? I like to blog.



I joined 20sb with a batch of people and lots of them have moved on. Lots of them are too busy to blog or found they no longer love it.That makes me sad too.


Have you ever thought about blogging in a long term sense? In 5 years, do you think you'll still be blogging? 10?



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I think having a niche can hold bloggers back sometimes. I tend to blog about books just as much as personal things (if not more), and I belong to book blog group, but I don't think those blogs have any more followers than blogs on 20 Something Bloggers do. 

I think that if you blog about what interests you, you're more likely to draw readers because your enthusiasm will be apparent. Forcing yourself to write about something more meaningful just seems kind of empty, and I think readers can pick up on that.

Man, as long as I can make it to a keyboard or some kind of content producing device, I'll keep blogging.


My reasoning? If anything - anything at all - the world will never run out of people who take pictures of their cats. Subsequently, the internet - as long as it exists, will never run out of people to superimpose funny captions into those pictures.



HA! Best reasoning ever. I hope the Internet never stops being full of cats. And I am an aspiring cat lady, so someday I will contribute to the Internet's cat content.

Until then, here are my friends' cats being funny:

Jas, as long as you are adding captions to cat photos, I AM READING.

Clearly, I'm your #1 fan.

And let's not forget the thousands of OTHER animals that can be photographed and captioned. Who has seen the Husky that says,


I will blog until the lulz run out. I will blog until I can lulz no more. And I hope everyone else does, too.


who knew animals would save the internets.

I figure I'll still be writing in some capacity for quite a long time, so why not blog? I mean, in addition to getting the creative and emotional outlet I need from blogging, using a public forum such as blogging allows for me to get constructive feedback on my writing.

I've been writing online for ten years now (god bless Xanga in high school) which feels like forever already. You can probably guess, though, that I haven't touched Xanga in YEARS. As I've grown up & become interested in different things, my blogs have evolved and I've started and ended a few different projects. I think I'll always love having the outlet for my writing, and will continue to blog in whatever way until I get too old to type or the Internet implodes.

Do you ever go back and read any of that old stuff? Not even a little bit curious...? :)

When I go back to read the old stuff, I cringe outwardly. It. is. horrid. But it was who I was back then. In my early teens, it was really cool to type some letters capital and some lowercase in the middle of a word. And 'slang' words that were actually longer than the original words. Sometimes I want to go back in time and punch myself. But then I remember I must be gentle with my past self because she was young and stupid. And that's okay. (But present me still cringes.)

my old livejournal is still out there and I can't remember what email or password I used to sign up so it's out there FOREVER with my emo complaining.

I read posts from 2 years ago and I die a little inside. I can't imagine reading my high school live journal. Oh jeez, I'm cringing just thinking about it.

It's normal, though. It would be worse if we read our old things and that "hey that weird capitalization is AWESOME."


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