Sometimes when I think about blogging I get sort of depressed. I mean, am I going to blog for the rest of my life?


Yes - well that's a little depressing.

No - well why no? I like to blog.



I joined 20sb with a batch of people and lots of them have moved on. Lots of them are too busy to blog or found they no longer love it.That makes me sad too.


Have you ever thought about blogging in a long term sense? In 5 years, do you think you'll still be blogging? 10?



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Considering that I've been blogging for 15 years already (I started before the term existed), I don't really see myself stopping in the foreseeable future. It's been part of my life's landscape for so long that I can't really imagine life without it. 

I've been blogging on and off since I was 13. I'll be 26 this year (ugh). 

Obviously, the way in which I blog & the things I talk about has changed, shifted, and grown (kind of) over the years. I think I'll continue to blog as I grow older, and barring any specific career-related issues, I don't see why I'll stop. I think I'll 'grow up' & how I interact with my blog will shift. 

Rish, we'll both be 26-ugh this year. :(

Let's revisit this conversation in 10 years when we turn 36-EW.

I definitly hope to be blogging in five years. And in 10. 
I look at my blog as a way to document the happenings of my life.

I can't wait until the day when I can blog about my husband, and babies, and every other major event in my life.  

I plan on blogging for a very long time. I blog about me and my life and my thoughts so it's not like I'm going to run out of material. There are some bloggers who I use to read all the time and they just stopped blogging. It's a bit sad but there's always some other blog that I find that I enjoy. It will be interesting to see what the blogging community is like when we're in our 40s and some people have been blogging for 20 some odd years.

Can you imagine?! That'll be so weird, when we're in the forum of some site called 40something bloggers, talking about... I don't know... 40-year-old stuff. Wishing we were 20.

At that point I plan on moving to miami and living like the Golden Girls.

I'll be here waiting and trying to get over my cat allergies so that we can spend lots of Golden Girls time together.

I certainly hope to be, though the future of my blog has always been uncertain. On one hand, my blog has helped me in beginning my writing career. Back when I didn't have anything published, my blog at least showed potential employers that I love writing enough to do it during my personal time, and it really paid off that way. So as I continue to write professionally, I definitely want to keep up with this personal aspect of writing, as well, and show people who I really am.

The only thing about blogging that is frustrating is how I'm constantly trying to reevaluate what I should be writing about. It is very clearly a personal blog, and sometimes I think I have that working against me. Maybe if I had a more specific niche, I'd have more followers, and I'd therefore also have more motivation to write. But I think what's truly the issue is how inconsistent I am with updating. How can I expect to gain a following if I don't update constantly? I know this, and yet I have such a hard time coming up with something worthy to say. Seems like a contradiction considering I'm a writer and I should always have something to say. But I sometimes feel like I don't want to blog just to blog. I want it to mean something.

Ugh, yes, the niche thing. Your whole second paragraph is right on the money. As a personal blogger, I think it's really hard to find something "significant" to write about every day. Like lazy Sundays, what's up world, I stayed on the couch for eight hours of a terrible reality TV marathon yesterday. There's a lot of pressure to share things that are actually worth sharing. With a niche, at least you have a starting point for posts and that helps the regularity. On the other hand though, some of the consistency for personal bloggers is voice, so even if you're writing about random things all the time, your readers will return for the same honest Cassie they know to expect. Even if it's not "significant" it's still you.

Cassie, I just want to shout a big 'ole AMEN at you and have it it not be really awkward. But, yes, I totally understand what you are saying. I've been pretty good about settling into my twice a week posting schedule, but it was really hard at first. I kept feeling like I had nothing to say.Sometimes I think I should've started with once a week, but I'm used to it now.

The niche thing is the story of my blogging life, though I do like what Leland said about voice. I'm going to comfort myself with that thought.

So true about the consistency of voice. Not every post has to be genius, but if it's well-written, somewhat insightful, and genuine, it's still worth putting out there. There's no excuse not to write... other than laziness, which I am prone to.

And, hey! I recognize you from Twitter, fellow Baltimorean. :)


Welcome to 20SB!






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