Sometimes when I think about blogging I get sort of depressed. I mean, am I going to blog for the rest of my life?


Yes - well that's a little depressing.

No - well why no? I like to blog.



I joined 20sb with a batch of people and lots of them have moved on. Lots of them are too busy to blog or found they no longer love it.That makes me sad too.


Have you ever thought about blogging in a long term sense? In 5 years, do you think you'll still be blogging? 10?



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I've blogged regularly for almost 10 years now. It's just a really comforting place to put my thoughts. I don't think it's something that we need to "outgrow" or only do when we're lonely or lacking - I think it's amazing to have a written account of your life to look back on and grow from. Plus, mine is related to my line of work so...even better ;)

[excelsior lady]

Hmmm, I've actually never thought about this! Based on the theme/title of my blog (science, spouses & silliness), I still expect/hope that that is still relevant to me 5-10 years from now - still interested/working in science, still have a spouse, and still somewhat silly. So if that's the case I suppose I'd still be able to write about that stuff. However I guess it depends on how interesting it is for other people to read too. Although the main purpose of starting the blog was not for me to get famous or anything, but I guess it would be a bit disheartening if nobody cared about mine anymore!

Interesting question. I have had 3 blogs in my life. One in high school, one during uni, and now one with my husband. This most recent one is def my favorite, but it's fun to see how your blog evolves with your life. Interested to see where it goes over the next 5 years. Would I become a mummy blogger if I have kids? Will Morgan and I blog together for more years? Only time will tell.

When I think about blogging long-term I get SOOO overwhelmed! It take me forever to come up with just ONE new post...thinking about all that time stacking up over the next 5-10 years is almost too much for me to handle!


Welcome to 20SB!






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