What are some of your biggest blogging pet peeves? 

One of mine is having the word verification box come up when you try to comment... mostly because it's SUCH a easy fix! 

I also hate it when girls use their blog as a Pinterest board. 

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And on the design aspect - blogs that are wider than about 1100px.  Just because you have a massive screen doesn't mean everyone else on the planet does!

Haha! True. I try to make mine user-friendly for all monitors :)

I did that for awhile and had a lot of complaints. I could read it fine, but I'm guessing mobile/tablet users had a hard time. And I'm sure it depended on your screen resolution as well. I loved the design, but changed it quickly for the better of mankind. 

Oh I have SO many (some have already been listed).

1. Automatic music

2. No archive

3. No easy way to find information about blog - intro post or about me section or anything

4. Too many colors/pictures so that it's hard to concentrate on the words

I'm sure there's more, but I don't want to seem too bitchy...


Haha. Love all of these!

Agreed about no archive! It's especially annoying if they reference something from the past but provide no details, like, "after that really horrible thing that happened in April" and I have to hit "Older Posts -->" nine times just to figure out what the heck they're talking about.

I'm a new blogger but I've been a blog reader for a while and I can't stand photo blogs that are literally a photo with a date and place ONLY because the photos look like there is so much more to the story and I feel like the person posting them can do so much with that! Isn't that the point of blogging anyway?



Maybe you guys should team up! I've seen some pretty good couples blogs like this.

Exactly. You NEED words. If you want to put pictures, update your Facebook photo album.

Exactly! Or do Pinterest if you're one of those 'post a picture of an abstract candy wrapper sitting on the beach glistining in the sun' type of people lol


*this is NOT  a Pinterest slam as I feel that site may soon be one of my newest forms of procrastination ;)


Welcome to 20SB!






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