What are some of your biggest blogging pet peeves? 

One of mine is having the word verification box come up when you try to comment... mostly because it's SUCH a easy fix! 

I also hate it when girls use their blog as a Pinterest board. 

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I don't mind music if I can click "play." Having an audio player can be nice, so long as it doesn't auto-load. Music can be nice on some blogs...but if it auto-plays, I close the window.

I like more personal blogs too... just giveaways and things gets old.

Those blogs bother me too. Or the ones that post everything they just bought from designer stores and such. I get it, you have money, that's great, but I honestly don't feel like seeing every item that goes into your closet.

I don't mind that as much if a) the outfit actually looks stylish not skanky or boring, and b) the person has something interesting to say to go along with the outfit, since I'm currently looking for inspiration for new outfits and such.

As someone who's fairly interested in fashion, I actually like these posts! Not as a main idea of a blog; if your blog is nothing but pictures of your outfit, it gets boring after a while, but I like to see what people do with clothes, how they put them together and what they look like. Take ...love Maegan for an example; she's got outfit /interior design posts every day, but they're enhanced by stories of her life, and I do enjoy her stuff. 

One of those things I suppose!

I actually follow a blog where the girl does an outfit of the day each day. She usually writes about her life in it. I don't go out searching for blogs like that, but for some reason, this one doesn't bother me. She doesn't list prices... maybe that makes it less irritating.

Another thing I hate: when almost every blog is a "This or That Thursday" or "Fantastic Friday" and it's all just link-up stuff.. there are several blogs that I love when they have original content, but are mostly just fluffy link-ups which are usually a blatant "look at me!" kind of thing. I don't like. I don't mind if someone does that kind of thing once in awhile -- even weekly -- but SEVERAL TIMES per week? Too much. 

Absolutely agree.

Yes, the amount of cheese that oozes off the alliteration of those titles is sooo annoying! I think we are agreeing that small doses is best.

Messy layouts are something I absolutly can't stand.  If there is too much clutter I instantly close out.  However, on the other hand, lack of any sort of layout and design also annoys me.  I guess I'm just picky and believe in a happy middle.  

Also, I agree with your girls, instant play music is the worst.  


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