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I know that bloglovin' is a really popular way to read blogs and organize them.  I have a bloglovin' account but I'm personally more of a GFC user and reader!  

I'm just wondering and wanting to hear other people opinions and user preferences to reading/following/organizing blogs, whether its GFC, bloglovin, or a different site.

Do you encourage people to follow you on bloglovin?

Here's my blog:  Thirsty World Designs

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Honestly, I don't care where people follow me... Just as long as they follow me! 

I personally use BlogLovin' to follow blogs that I'm interested in following, but I don't necessarily want to read them everyday.  I tend to follow a lot of people from link-ups and giveaways this way, and then if I'm finding that I'm constantly reading the same person over and over, I resub to them on Google Reader where I keep my daily reads.  Bloglovin' is the service I use when I'm bored and want random stuff to read.

Yea I've noticed I have the tendency to do that as well!  Google reader is just super easy to use for daily reads!

I have never really worked out how to use GFC with wordpress, so I use Bloglovin', and I LOVE it! I have the link on the side of my page, but not sure if I actively encourage people to follow me, that's their choice I guess!

Yea, wordpress tends to confuse me and I don't know if you can use GFC on wordpress.  And I guess my question referring to encouraging people to follow, is more if you have both and you would rather people use on or the other.  There are just so many sites and ways to follow someone, but I don't want to have ten choices on my sidebar!  so I just stuck with the ones I prefer to use to read others blogs!

I think some bloggers get really pushy about having people follow them on a certain service over others because they get attached to seeing their follower number go up on that particular service.  However, it's really irks me when bloggers do that because I feel that it's out of line for someone to dictate to me the optimal way to follow.  It doesn't really matter what service that someone uses to follow, just as long as they are and it works for them and they're reading along.

That's what I think!  I think with all the blog hops that go on now, that target a specific following method I just wanted to hear some other people's opinions!  Thanks!

I don't really mind the blog hops that are targeted towards specific following methods... except for maybe the ones targeted at GFC, because as a WordPress blogger I feel slightly discriminated against.

It's more the giveaways that bother me... "Here! Let me make you follow me on a service that you don't use to make it look like I have followers!"

You used to be able to, but last February Google decided to scale back GFC's functionality to only be for Blogger. As a WordPress blogger, I find the whole thing really irritating because a lot of people who are Blogger users and not exceptionally tech savvy tend to get confused.  I don't know how many times I've had to deal with people sending me comments saying, "I want to follow you but I can't because you don't have GFC!"

Yea!!  I've been guilty of that but sometimes I love a blog and can't find gfc or bloglovin' and I get confused! haha.  but I've gotten better as I've been blogging more!  But I didn't realize that you used to have GFC for wordpress.  I knew google and blogger and combined forces but that never occurred to me!

Yeah, it used to be that you just fed it your RSS address and grabbed the widget code and slapped it on your site.  I was lucky and wasn't heavily invested in it follower wise because I only discovered it about a month or two before they retired it, but I know there was a lot of frantic upset bloggers using platforms other than Blogger who were suddenly going to lose lots of followers.  Which I guess goes to show that you shouldn't rely to heavily on a third party service because you never know when it could just up and disappear one day.

I signed up for bloglovin but I never use it. I mainly follow blogs using reader..

I use GFC only, because it works and everything else confuses me.  I have considered adding other options, but like you I don't want to clutter my page up.  If you are a WP user- what follow options do you appreciate on blogs?

You can still follow WP blogs through GFC- that's how I follow Nikkiana :)  I have the RSS widget installed on my Firefox toolbar, so I just hit that and choose "Subscribe to Blog Name >> Feed" and then it gives the option to choose between my Google homepage or Google Reader/GFC.

You can also do it manually, by going to Google Reader>>Subscribe (big orange-ish button in the top left)>>and then pasting their RSS URL.  Finding the RSS URL is what's normally difficult, but according to WP Support "Every WordPress.com blog has multiple feeds. The main content feed can be accessed by adding /feed/ to your blog’s URL."


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