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I know that bloglovin' is a really popular way to read blogs and organize them.  I have a bloglovin' account but I'm personally more of a GFC user and reader!  

I'm just wondering and wanting to hear other people opinions and user preferences to reading/following/organizing blogs, whether its GFC, bloglovin, or a different site.

Do you encourage people to follow you on bloglovin?

Here's my blog:  Thirsty World Designs

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You bring up a good point, Brittany.  Google Reader and GFC can be used together and when they are, you can sub to anything and use either the Google Reader interface to read or the one on blogger.com.   I think the problem is it's not immediately apparent how to do that and a lot of people end up initially believing that if there's no GFC widget on a blog, they can't follow.  I started to try to educate people on it when I wrote my post about importing your GFC followers to Google Reader (which got reported on 20sb's blog... http://blog.20sb.net/2012/10/blogging-101-how-to-follow-a-blog-with...) though I learned after I wrote that there were a few things that I missed... Like the fact that you can import blogs you followed via Google Reader to GFC's interface). All in all, I do feel like there needs to be a mass education campaign about it...

As far as options I like to see people provide as a WP user,  I personally like to see an option for BlogLovin' and an option for RSS.  I feel like in general GFC and BlogLovin have emerged as the leaders in terms of services people use.... and people who sub via other methods tend to know how to do that so long as you're providing them with a RSS url (plus, most services know how to auto find an RSS feed from your main url anyway).

I agree, when it first came out that GFC was changing the word did seem to be that it was just impossible to use with WP.  It took me a while to realize that it was still possible, but I am slightly more comfortable with stuff like that than most.

I try to always include my RSS feed, just because it's one of the big things I appreciate.  Guess I should look in to BlogLovin too since it seems to be growing in popularity.  I just don't want to clutter my blog with all the options, and then when there are issues like the Feedburner or whatever that is closing down and messing with people's count...it all just seems too much sometimes.

Yeah, blog following in general is just sort of a kludgy process. There are so many different options and opinions about what the best way to do it is... and there are lots of parts of the process that just seem to be totally user unfriendly.... and just when you think you've got it down, a service that you became reliant on either disappears or removes a feature that you utilize and you're kinda screwed. 

As far as Feedburner goes, the situation there is a little confusing but this is my take on it... 

If you've been looking at what Google's been doing as a whole, you'll notice that they're doing a lot of consolidation in their services. If they notice that a certain feature isn't being wildly utilized or somehow clashes with a service that they're trying to push people toward using instead (*cough*Google+*cough*), they've been removing it.  It's my opinion, that's what's currently happening with Feedburner, and because there have been changes recently where features have been removed there's a lot of panic that the service might be terminated entirely and it just hasn't been announced yet. 

The piece of Feedburner that was deprecated was the API, which was what allowed Feedburner to be integrated with other systems that collect website statistics. I imagine that the reason support for this was cut had to do with the fact that Feedburner seems to be a service that was largely adopted by bloggers and small businesses to be their metrics for RSS, and they're not likely trying to integrate it with another system.  Before that, Feedburner cut support for adding AdSense ads to feeds... which I'm pretty sure was probably decided because who the hell clicks an ad in someone's feed? Nobody. Most people click to go read the article that's being served. And on top of that, there were messages posted to the Feedburner blog and Twitter account that essentially said they were going to be no new posts on either because... well... it was a developer blog. If there's no active development, no one's going to blog about it.

The situation where everyone's feed count read 0 for a couple of days was somehow related to backend changes that happened related to shutting down the API, which caused mass panic that the entire service was going to disappear when in fact, that wasn't the case. However, Google didn't really do anything to soothe people's concerns either...

In short, my assessment is that Google was just trying to streamline a product that's fine and stable being what it is (these changes are the most that's happened in 6 years), and that Feedburner isn't going anywhere in the near future and they just totally flopped on the PR related to the product. 

However, the people that are suggesting that people using Feedburner migrate... a rampdown of this scale and unclear communication of intentions erodes trust of a service. It's entirely possible that Google might plan to shut down the service entirely in the future, and logic says migrate sooner rather than later.

And gah... I need to stop spouting nerdiness all over this thread. I think y'all are going to grow sick of me!

Google reader is what I use....

I do the same thing, Nikkiana! :) I think it doesn't really matter where people follow you, as long as they follow you! Because at the end, everyone has their preferences when it comes to the feed platform. All you can do is encourage them to follow you by having accounts in the main websites (Google Reader, Bloglovin, Facebook, Pinterest...).

I do have a bloglovin' account, but I don't use it that much, to be honest I would prefer nuffnangx, but not everyone knows about the Asian blogging tool. I do like reading blog posts through Google Reader, but come on, google reader, please have a comment system installed already. 

I try to make it so people can follow me whichever they want as easily as possible but personally I really like BlogLovin's as my blog reader, it works so well.


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