since i am graduating this month, i am trying to update my Feedly account and start reading blogs about life after college. if you have a blog like that, please post a link in the comment box and i will check it out! thanks!

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Well, I am ALSO graduating soon. So my blog is currently about the last moments of college, fear of the future, inhaling in a paper bag, etc.

But I will *soon* be a post-college blogger. Scary!

Hi dear,

The entire basis for my blog, name and all, was geared toward life after college. Findingravity came from a conversation I had with my mother, where I said, "I just feel like I'm floating, like I've lost my sense of gravity." And so, FG was born. It's a lot of humorous self deprecation peppered with moments of mid twenties triumph. 




Take a peak!




Not sure mine counts, I have no degree, but my blog is about life after college-age. Married, mom to a dog, (no kids) living in Austin, Texas. Maybe it works with what you're looking for.

Since we're all trying to connect and plug our shit. I will do mine too

I started blogging right before I graduated from college. That was about two years ago. Life has been a sitcom since then... and it's all documented here:

Totally done with college, the fun is totally not over with.

The Post Modern Talk-o

love life after college blogs! I will for sure check yours out! Mine is

That's pretty much all I blog about... trying to become an adult.  I graduated a couple of years ago and I'm dealing with money, a mortgage, a real job, taking care of myself, etc.  It's all an adventure at The Park Ave. Pub!

Graduated with my undergrad a few years back and my MBA about a year ago. In real life:

Congrats on being an almost-post-grad! Our blog caters to the life Post Grad in every way. We hope you will check it out!

I graduated from college 2 years ago and am definitely still trying to navigate "life after college!" Check out my blog! :)

I'm graduating soon too! I'm done with my Undergrad next week (finals week, eek!) and I have 3 summer classes for my Masters to finish up. I'm going to be transitioning from college life to relocating to a new city! I'll be posting my thoughts, excitement, fears, etc. on my blog, so I'd love if you (or anyone else) read it! I'm open to advice too :)


Welcome to 20SB!






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