I know I'm not the most vocal member of our club, but I was hoping I could call on all of you to help me out.

I'm a quarterfinalist in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award contest. I was selected as 1 of 500 quarterfinalists out of an initial 10,000 entrants. I need the help of you (and everyone I know) to download my excerpt, and, if you are able, write a quick review of it and spread the word.

My novel, Long Way Home, is about two best friends, David and Red, who drop out of high school to join the Army. Despite that premise it's not your typical war novel-- more than half of it takes place in peacetime-- so it's not something the combat-weary need be too afraid of. The excerpt is pretty short, 18 pages or so, and if everyone's told the truth so far, it's a quick read.

If I win, I get a publishing deal with Penguin, and a $25,000 advance on my book. This is my dream, right here, and you could help me realize it.

My excerpt is here.

A million thank yous, twentysomethings.

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sorry i can take it off!
Nah. Either of us should proceed by virtue of our literary merit. We're both 20SBers. She deserves the mention as much as I.
Going to check it out!
Bump. Slipped out of the top 100. My ego needs a-stroking.


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