I know I abuse all you experienced bloggers with my questions, but that's just because you are so full of wisdom, right?

Okay, so I  need some help.

People keep asking me what my "theme" is. I guess I don't really have one, except my life.

Do I have to have a theme? What do you think mine would be?

Or, do I need to shift into a theme?


Give me your knowledge, wise ones


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I've never had a theme other than my personal life and thoughts. As far as I am concerned, that is my theme. I, personally, like reading blogs of the same nature. And there are quite a few people I know who feel the same. So, when you hear those people saying you need a set theme like a certain sport or trade, just tell them to shove it. Not everyone will like your blog. But guaranteed there are so many who will! 


So just write about what YOU want to write about. That's something I've learned. If you write about something you don't care about for other people, it will come out as flat and boring. Write about something that you actually feel needs to be shared and people will flock to it. And more importantly, they'll be the people who actually want to read your stuff; not just the trollers who say you have to have a set "theme."

I don't know if I qualify as 'experienced', but I'm kind of the same as you. I don't really have a theme. Every time someone asks what I blog about, I just say "A lot of mostly unrelated stuff" and send a link. *shrug* 

I labelled my theme in my blog name "our semi organic life".  it encompasses everything that is perhaps even slightly organic (and all that means) and also our life.  And I use the term "our" to mean that its' my newlywed family.  My new husband and I.  I think the title has a lot of meaning.  I often do food related posts including photos & recipes.  Also other things that are in the organic category - coffee alternatives, organic coupon-ing.  Also 'life' relating things like our upcoming move to a new state, shopping, youtube videos, cute cat photos and more.  I think I've set myself up for a very broad but not too random category/theme.


My advise is to start a list of ideas for blog posts. You can start them and save as drafts.  There'll always be times when you 'should' blog but can't think of anything or are stuck.  Keep updating that list and add to it when you see new photos or inspirations that'll work for you.

Life is a theme. When I was at BlogHer '09... many of the vendors in the expo hall asked what kind of blogs we had. Most of us 20sb-ers there said "personal" -- we blog about life, relationships, sometimes work, our cat.. just whatever.  Honestly, we got a lot of positive comments and replies.  (Mommy bloggers kinda make up a large chunk, or at least maybe the loudest chunk?, of BlogHer... we seemed to be a nice change of pace.)


When people ask, I tell them I'm a personal blogger.  I have design blog as well, but my personal blog is my main one.

I'm definitely inexperienced - but I do have a theme of positivity in my blog.  I guess my plan is to share things that make me smile in the hope that they make others smile too.  To see what I mean, it's at www.smilesoup.com :) 
i don't know, but maybe you could fix your comment box first
At the end of each post just do a 'sexism in the work-place' quote. Then boom! You have a theme.

I don't have a theme. I just realized that I was into shit too weird to even put in my diary, so I put it up on the Internets. Much safer.

I think its a lot easier to market a blog with a "theme" (aka healthy living, fashion, mommy blogging etc.).  But you definitely dont have to have one! I've been blogging for 3+ years without one, and I think I'm doing just fine.  Write about whatever YOU want to write about... theme, or no theme. 


Hope that helps!

I'm with you on this.

When I read blogs I don't want to read themed nonsense, it bores me to death most of the time. Though I've read a couple of blogs in the past that were specifically poetry or art and one that did amborse bierce words and they were all great blogs, most themed blogs all seem the same to me. There are thousands of food blogs, cat blogs, dating blogs and social media blogs and so on and so forth. 


Theme-less is great as far as I'm concerned. I like a good about page though, it gives me a sense of the blogger

I definitely don't think you need a theme. Most of my favorite bloggers just write about their lives.
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