Hello bloggers :)

I met someone online recently and I gave them the link to my blog.. they have since proven to me they have "issues" and have been quite creepy and even scary at times via email etc and anyway. I have blocked them from contacting me again but I would like to block them from my blog.

I am on blogger & They are not a follower via the follwing tool there, I think they have subscribed (and since mid week from my webstats I can tell they have continually visited to quite an excess).

As I said this person scares me with their anger issues and I would rather just block them from viewing my blog.. I have an IP address.. Is it possible?

Many thanks for all your replies in advance

Much Love

Emmie x

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I wish there was, but I don't think so unless they have a static IP. My family found my previous blog and it was a huge mess, since they had a dynamic IP there wasn't a surefire way for me to block them.

I also haven't used blogger, so not sure if it allows you to block IPs even if it's static.
Hey Emmie
I know on Blogger you can block followers, but I don't know of any way to block someone who just reads your blog. I think even if you managed to block an IP address, they could still view it from another computer.
You can make your blog private so only your followers can see it. I'm not sure how to do this though. Have a look at the settings on Blogger or maybe someone on here with more IT knowledge than me would know how to do it!
I hope you get this all sorted out. You shouldn't have to put up with abuse like that. Why do some people have to be so creepy and ruin things for others?
I don't think ( I could be wrong) there is a way to do this from blogger as you don't have access to the coding like you do on a self hosted blog. I don't think it matters really, anyone can read you from another computer, an rss feed, or from another ip. The best option is to privatize your blog if you are really concerned. There are a lot of people out there who are bothersome but harmless and blogging tends to bring those people out. I wouldn't be putting enough information on the blog so that someone can find you or pictures of children either if scary freaks reading your blog is a concern.

I think people forget what blogging is and how public it is. To expect to get by with none of this is unrealistic, but yes it can be annoying and frustrating, but if you are on contact with people you don't know online and give them your blog address this can sometimes happen.
This question comes up every now and then on the forums.

I use Toolator (http://toolator.com). The free version allows you to block up to 3 IP addresses on your blog. I'm doing this on my Blogger hosted blog.

Of course there are ways around the block. If the user is not using a static IP address, is switching computers, or is accessing your blog thru a proxy server...they can override the "block". Still, worth a try if that's what you're looking for.
Does it block them from reading you via an rss feed though?
I'm not really sure. It's a good question though and one I've been wondering myself.

To get Toolator to work, you have to install the code on your blog. So technically your RSS feed pulls from your blog, but I think they may still be able to override the block by subscribing to your RSS feed? And I'm pretty sure they could still read your blog if they signed up for an e-mail subscription, like Feedburner has (that is if you offer that Feedburner e-mail subscription feature on your blog).

But for me, the crazy stalker that I block is too dumb to know how to use an RSS reader or subscribe via e-mail.

So yes, there are lots of ways around IP blockers like Toolator, but in some "blog stalker/harasser" cases, it does help.
Hello and thank you everyone for your advice. I am going to make my blog private via blogger and only allow a select few to view my blog. Some great advice here, I really appriciate it. xx
That's no good...I guess unless you want to have a private blog where you have to invite users, that weirdo call still read it.
The only way so far is having a private blog. But it's so inconvenient if you want new interesting people to find your blog, isn't it?
yes it is.. I may make it a temporary thing until things die down but I have some good followers and regulars and I don't mind writing just for them for a while.. :) I'll see how it goes.. Thank you everyone xx
Are you on Blogger or Wordpress? I know on Blogger you can't, unfortunately, but I think there is a Wordpress plug-in where you can block people. I had some issues with negative, mean commenters on my Blogger site and I couldn't blog them, but I could tag the IP address. That at least helped me track how often they were visiting and from where.
There really isn't an answer to this. With the sheer number of anonymous proxies and proxy networks (Tor, I2P) and workarounds (Coral Cache) available, there really isn't a surefire way for anyone to prevent anyone else from reading their content online.

Things like IP-based blocking and passwords are only deterrents and/or minor inconveniences. If someone really wants to get at your blog, they will eventually be able to do so. Similarly, if you post under a pseudonym, don't think that your online persona is permanently detached from your real-life identity, because people can (and probably will) eventually put two and two together. (I remember a seeing a post or two around here about the subject recently, as well.)

In short, here's a golden rule: If it's something you wouldn't shout from the rooftops, it doesn't belong online.


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