So I was curious what other people do to put themselves in a better mood....

I'm on my way to go video game shopping and will probably pick up a milk shake on the way home...
I generally like to do something nice for myself (hence the video game today), listen to music, or call my mom.

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Buying new makeup ALWAYS makes me feel better!
I like to snuggle with my dog or husband (whoever's closer), drink wine, or run a bubble bath, light candles, and drink wine in the tub with soothing music playing in the background. Cheesy, I know, but it totally works.
my new apartment doesn't have a tub... this makes me very sad.
Yesterday, I felt SHITTY.

And This ...really, really cheered me up.

Still not feelin' super, though. May watch'm all again :)

Hot chocolate, Cigarettes, Tea, Hugs (but not from just anyone), 30 seconds of deep breathing with my eyes closed, Coca Cola, Eating - anything, Dancing/flailing 'round my room to something mid/very heavy, Being busy, Washing dishes while listening to the Radio (preferrably "Nothing but 90s!"), Getting all dressed up, Long showers, Reading something that's guaranteed to engross me for at least an hour..... But right now I don't feel like doing them. And it's after 4am here. So, internet must cheer me up.

....actually I WILL have a cigarette. ^_^
Getting outside and being in the sun or rain. Letting the light or water splash down on my face taking a deep breath of air and letting it all out slowly.

Ice cream. Dairy queen is usually the best because it's not real ice cream so I get less sick from it. Cookie dough blizzard for the win!

Chocolates from Fannie May. They're just good. Especially Mint Meltaways. Though if in a bind, Lindt and Giaradelli aren't bad second choices and can be found at most Target shopping centers.

A soothing cup of chamomile/lavender tea.

Buying new CDs or downloading new music. The latest acquisitions of the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Depeche Mode CDs have aided in my enhanced state of happiness.

Surround yourself with happy people. Or at least one happy person. Being around no one at all can be depressing, and being around someone in a bad mood is even worse.

Singing along loud to anything, be it Rock Band or just the Radio - Blast it and sing along, don't care who's listening.
I think moving away from my old apartment has definitely brought on a change. There I had a roommate, two of my friends in the apartment upstairs, and another just down the alley... But now that I'm living on my own again, and don't really know anyone in the neighborhood.. it's been hard at times. Sometimes I think if I didn't have cable I'd go insane.

The new video games are helping some... but I'm finding that MarioKart isn't fast enough for me...
i get you. it's hard to start over with your friends left behind. that's exactly where i am right now. here's what i've been doing to get me out of the blues.

1. resurrect a dead hobby (i'm getting back to painting).
2. try new things (i'm exploring baking and digital photography).
3. get out. see what's in your new neighborhood to love
4. go online. i just joined 20sb... and it's the best thing i did! the online buddies i've recently made, they really take the blah away.
My friends aren't terribly far away... I work in the same building as some of them... and the rest are between 30-45 minutes away (via buses/trains)... But still it's been a lot different than living with people!

I live in the Lakeview area of Chicago, so I know there's a lot to do... I just need to get over myself and go exploring. This summer I plan on buying some vintage/antique cameras (working ones) and taking a ton of pictures, so maybe this will give me a good excuse/motivation to really check out my neighborhood!

and I agree, the 20SB folk are pretty awesome. :)
Yeah for 20sb!!
i have a serious case of the blahs this weekend, and the glum weather isn't helping. i'd normally call my mom, but i know she is away and busy.

sometimes listening to the jackson 5 helps. or putting on a party dress and giant, vintage earrings.

anybody want to hang out and do happy things?
Sometimes watching a sappy old movie will do the trick!
Shopping, lots and lots of shopping. I was pretty upset two days ago and splurged on shoes. Not always good, I know. Or go to a club / bar and have fun with friends.

Simply watching a dvd or two at home with a box of popcorn helps too :) Feel better :)


Welcome to 20SB!

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