I'm contemplating it...I just think my current title is too wordy and not really an accurate representation of me/my blog.


What do you guys think of changing the title? Have you ever changed yours? 

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I like the book review name much better! I think that "life as an ex pornstar" is definitely an attention grabber. I would be interested in looking around the page and definitely your "about me" page if you had one. On the other hand it could be a little limiting. " A spoonful of Sarcasm" is a name that tells readers the tone of your writing, but you can write about anything you want!


Anyway, thats my opinion :)


And I recently changed my name too. I thought my first name was too cutesy, and it was a good time to change to my own domain.

By the way: I don't know if you use blogger, but for anyone who does: if you change your name to another .blogspot address you'll loose lots of followers, but if you get your own domain name then your old blogspot address will just redirect to the new site! Even if you change to a completely different name. People's readers and email subscriptions aren't affected, and any links to your old site on other pages stay functional. Everything just gets automatically redirected. And its only $10.


I like a Spoonful of Sarcasm but...yeah there's more to me than just my sarcasm..in fact I just did a blog post about my confusion :(


I have been dealing with this same sort of problem, only instead of figuring out how to change my blog's name, I have yet to figure out what I should name it in the first place. When I first created it I wasn't too committed to or serious about the idea of blogging, so coming up with a name didn't seem necessary. I really want a name that suits my blog well, but I'm having the hardest time coming up with something that feels right and isn't too cheesy or cliche. I need HELP.
Oh but also, I really like your blog's name. I like alliteration. And I like that you made the title simple, straightforward, and catchy.
So you vote that I stick with the current name?

I like the name, but it's kind of up to you to decide if it's right for the tone of your blog. I know that isn't very good advice, but I think it's important that the name feels like a good fit for you. "A Spoonful of Sarcasm" is also catchy, but I think it really narrows the theme of the blog and makes it sound like everything you write has to be sarcastic. That's just the impression that I get.

Something I've seen people do on other blogs to personalize them and extend their own unique theme even further is get creative with the tags and categories they use for each post...a spoonful of sarcasm sounds like something you could put to use in that way. I like that Rants, Raves & Randomocity is more broad, and I also think it lends itself to categorizing the different types of things you might write about in your blog. I imagine you filing different posts under "rants and raves" or "randomocity" depending on what each is about.

I don't know. I also just like the word randomocity. And I get what you're saying about it being wordy, but I think you've already remedied that by creating your own kind of nickname for the blog- RRR.

I hope that helps.

Sooo much good advice!! Thank you! I think I'm going to keep the current title...I just redid the layout and design last night but..I'm not sure what I think lol 
I thought about it - but people are familiar with mine and I want my readers to be able to easily find me still etc.

My blog was first called The Escapist, because I was counting down thh days to moving to England to be with my fiancee.

Then I changed it to Take Me With You because we were living together after a successful long-distance relationship.

My url is wordpress.aussieinengland.com, but when I move back to Australia, I don't know what I'm going to do >./p>

I've changed mine way more than I should. I've just recently went from http://ohkendra.com (self-hosted Wordpress) to http://kendratreece.blogspot.com. I always get tired of cutesy names so figured I may as well use my name. I suppose I won't need to change it again until I get married (but that could be a while) :P
I actually just changed mine.  I started out wanting some sort of anonymity, but then I decided it was a moot point since I'm using a picture of my face on my profile.  That, plus it makes it easier for you lot to find me.

Yup, it gives it a new feel. I changed both my url and title for a change.

from; torturedmannequin.blogspot  to  snsdiscussion.blogspot

as for the title it was 'the digital native talks' where as now its 'sns discussions' - for me it was more simple and to the point. It tilts the conversation towards the target readers and as I said I just needed something different. I still include a little subtext under the title that I change monthly with a new quote, currently its 'And hark! the digital native spoke the words....(insert quote etc)'

So I get to keep a similarity with the old title but shake it up.

It all depends on what your after


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