Hi dudes and dudettes, I didn't pay much attention to christmas up until now. Shops are stocking christmas stuff already and have been since late September, before Halloween and Bon fire night (UK thing I think). So now the rush for me has begun to start buying gifts, pre ordering gifts and food hampers. 

This year does excites me with the realise of the New Nintendo Wii U and although it comes out this month, I'll give it a month before I get mine, just to be sure its worth the buy. I'm a huge gamer but don't consider myself a hardcore gamer, even still. I also want another Star Wars Jedi dressing gown as my husky tore a small hole in the one I'm currently wearing as I write. 

So what's on your Christmas list and why?

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I want a kindle! I also would like a car. Anyone feel like buying me a car?

I'm really excited about christmas things. Cookies and pine smells and lights and cards.

My list is filled with random things: snow boots, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Syrup, cookbooks and novels...

And then there's the most important thing of all: the second series of Sherlock on DVD. Top pick for best gift ever.

I also want a Wii U but the launch titles aren't really moving me so I can wait a bit. 

I here you on that (WiiU). I am looking forward to ZombieU though, but not sure it's worth me buy a console for that price. Made that mistake with buying the original big black Xbox just because he had the exclusive Buffy the Vampire slayer game. Oh the year oh joy

I'm really looking forward to ZombiU. I got to play it at the WiiU Experience event and it was pretty fantastic. Of course, I'm not sure I could justify buying a new system just for one game. Unless that game is Buffy the Vampire Slayer :)

Pretty sure that I am getting a hard drive for either Christmas/my anniversary (which is around the same time).  I'm on my 3rd computer and am sick of almost loosing my pictures all the time, so it's definitely going to be appreciated.

Vintage vanity table. We just moved to Philadelphia from New York City. We have a house with a lot of space to fill. I want to sit down when I put my makeup on and do my hair. It's a very girly wish, I know...

Everyone deserves a little vanity in their lives once in a while, it makes us all feel better to get ready in a nice mirror.

The Wii U is totally worth the buy. Got to try it on the Wii U Experience Tour, and LOVED it.

Best Buy has demos of it, so you should go and check it out for yourself! Each game uses the game pad differently, some not really at all, which is something I like.

Won't go into a huge rave of it, but it's totally worth the buy. I'm getting the deluxe package and cannot wait!!

My list is pretty random. I'd like a knife sharpener, a griddle, the Walking Dead comic books, a new bookcase, and gift cards galore.

Griddle! How did I miss that on my list (Thanks for the reminder.)

As an avid gamer I'm excited for the WiiU as well! I want to try it out in store first, wait for all kinks to be worked out because all consoles/devices always have some kinks and glitches that occur right at their first point of sale. 

I'm a total nut for Christmas too! Decorating WAY too early, listening to Christmas music WAY too early, allllll that fun stuffs. But for specifics of what's on my Christmas list, I never really ask for anything mostly because my hobbies are incredibly expensive (music and video production and video games) so I always ask for either a ridiculous gag gift that I could get a good laugh from, or anything genuine from the heart, homemade or not. I'm more of a sucker for those gifts that come from the heart as opposed to materialistic gifts. 

I totally agree with you on the gag gift front. I will normally buy all those expensive gifts myself (Hides face) and still wrap them up for the tree. 


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