It's that time of the year again; CHRISTMAS! I would love to know what's on everyone's Christmas wish lists this year. Who knows, maybe we can get some great gift ideas here.

Here's my Christmas Wishlist for 2012: 

Please share yours!

Happy Holidays, everyone :-)

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This is the only thing on my wishlist...

Everything else is just "stuff".

Aww, such a great response. :)

You're a tough act to follow Martin.

Thank you :)

 I wish! My family will be on the other side of the world :-(

I had to put one together because my family just WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE about it.

Books, Anime series I want, Canon mug, and action figures.

Wow, you have quite the list! I hope you get something nice :-)

All I want for Christmas is a farm full of miniature animals (horses, donkeys, goats, foxes, etc.)

Love it! :-D 


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