Last month was a close one, but Owen ultimately came away with the win. Leave a comment congratulating him, or demand your dance video.

The votes have been cleared so everyone is back at zero. If your favorite blogger hasn't been featured yet that's because they need YOU to nominate them! Here's a few rules/tips to make this process easier:

1) Sorry guys, but you shouldn't nominate yourself. It's about being nominated by your PEERS.

2) Please provide a link to the person's profile. Just stating their name doesn't mean we know who you are talking about. If you only list a name (no links) we most likely won't count it.

3) If someone nominates a blogger that you love, great! But to avoid confusion, if you want your vote to count, please say so. Good Example: "I agree. He/she has my vote too!" or even "Seconded" will suffice. Bad Example: "I love him/her too!"

4) We know you love your blogger buds, but voting for them twice in one month doesn't help. One vote per month. Get out there and encourage others to vote!

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This lady, obviously. Duh. <3

Seconding the vote for Rachel!

Third! Go, Rachel!

Yeah go Rachel.... but I love Hanna too!

Ah! Just seeing this now! Feeling very special, just as I did last month when I saw my Blog as a nomination! :) Means so much guys and gals! <3

In order to make this month's voting a little more interesting, I am go to throw in a curve ball and vote for Hanna of Excelsior Lady

I don't know whether or not she has won it before, but I enjoy her blog.

I'll second this vote!


Can I vote for multiple people, or does that defeat the purpose? =P 'Cause I'd love to fourth this.

I haven't been on here in forever but I LOVE Hanna - she's awesome and so is her blog. So I vote Excelsior Lady!

Thank you!!! I love you guys. Internet bear hugs for everybody if this actually happens!

Oh yes, I'll vote for her, as well. She's all kinds of awesome. :)


Welcome to 20SB!






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