If so, leave your link if you're comfortable with some new followers!

I'm at http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.beese

If you haven't, well what are you waiting for?

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Yeah, just grabbed mine at http://www.facebook.com/david.stehle
Yep got mine. Not that it was going to go any time soon (my last name is just as unusual as my first), but all the cool kids are doing it right? I won't be sharing that though as it's personal only.
Don't be surprised if you get put on the limited-view list (no offense, but I'd like to keep some parts of my life between myself and those who experience it firsthand with me), but feel free to check out facebook.com/nicktabick.
Hmm, maybe I should have just run together my first and last name like you did. I didn't see that as an option though when I was asked what custom URL I wanted.

Did I skip thru that too fast and missed an area where you can type in your own URL and not just pick from what they offered?

Wondering if I can change it again? Not sure where to do that though?
Both /jennifer.beese and /jenniferbeese bring me to my profile. I'm not sure why they both work. I wonder if Facebook will change that?
Hmm, I just tried that - my first and last name without the period inbetween. It worked too!
I'll give Facebook a day or two to calm down and I'll try it again. I have no clue if it will stay like this or what. I wish it would because like you, I didn't seem the option to create a custom name. Obviously it was there because I'm seeing custom names popping up all over.
I assume they take a similar idea to considering the period as most major e-mail providers, hence why the period is cosmetic-only. (Once you get to your profile, the links will all point to your username as you specified it, though.)

And, for the record, there was a custom name option tucked away under a 'More...' link.
Good eye. I must have been too geek excited to have noticed the "More" link and zipped on by it.

I guess if the period is strictly for cosmetic reasons, then really either way would work - running the name together or separating it with a period. So it's all good.
I think a lot of people missed that. Seems like many were worried about getting their name before someone else did.
I got mine as well: http://www.facebook.com/brokegrad

which means I'm the first broke grad on facebook!
Got my full name. Would've been nice to get first name only, but they were all snapped up way in advance of the launch.


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