Is anybody dieting?  Getting that beach bod?


I'm really needing to diet right and eat healthy.  Work out, etc.

I'm not saying I need to LOSE weight, I just want to get in shape, tone up etc.

But when do I have time? 



How about you guys?  Tried anything that works?  Motivation?

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I am miserable at restrictive diets, and I'm completely fine with that because it's boring.  It's sort of like "Look, we made this delicious espresso fudge ice cream, but you can't eat it! Because it has sugar and oil. And you'll 'get fat.'"  It's torture, and there's no point in tormenting yourself if you're not going to die from eating something.  Mentally, it sort of makes you unhappy and more negative. Yuck.


But I also want to tone up.  I might find something dancey, since I need better coordination than get up -> fall over -> trip over everything.

My boyfriend is a marine and wants to do the Paleo diet.  Isn't that the caveman thing?  I'm allergic to nuts and eggs.
Well, you know, maybe I should try it.  Now, if I still drink coke will it ruin everything.  Like I could not eat, as long as I can get my coke. lol
I can't do diet drinks.  Plus, don't they cause cancer?  Well, yeah everything does.
I use two different websites to keep me in track. and

Trust me, they're good ones [especially bodyrock]. Best of luck to you! =]

I second


I absolutely love it!


I feel like I'm usually pretty good about staying healthy, but this winter I really slacked off, so now I'm in "Shelly get healthy" mode.  I've been working out a lot, and monitoring what I eat.  It's been going on about a month now, so I'm starting to feel better, but I still have my work cut out for me.  I'm just frustrated with myself that I let it get this bad.

I'm recovering from a tonsillectomy. It hurts to eat even soft foods, so I've lost about 5 lbs in the last 12 days. Can't say I'd recommend it, but it is effective!
I am lazy. BUT, I do the best that I can. I usually go for a 3-4 mile run once or twice a week and I do some power yoga at home (DVD or stream from Netflix) two or three days a week. If I skip a day or don't feel like pushing myself, it's okay. I just do the best I can. I do it right after work everyday. If I sit and wait a bit, I'll never get to it.. and, no, I am not getting up at 6am to work out. HA.

As far as eating goes, I do pretty well at not buying junk food, eating a salad with every meal, etc. Eating is the hardest one because I cannot NOT indulge. If someone brings cupcakes to work, I'm eating two and you're not stopping me. Special diets can be nice I guess because it gives you a solid plan to follow but it's a lot healthier to just simply incorporate more veggies/less junk and don't be too hard on yourself!
There are work out videos on Netflix?! You've opened a whole world of possibilities for me, Heather! :)
Yeah! Tons! It's so awesome. I hate gyms (1. because they cost money and 2. because I'd have to get up and go there, haha) so it's perfect. We stream Netflix through our PlayStation, so it's whatever I want, whenever I want, no leaving the house! Ha.

Warm weather usually motivates me to exercise because you can't hide under layers of clothing when it's warm out. I run outside and do some toning exercises at home.


I've also found group fitness classes to be an AMAZING motivator! Having a set-time class to go to helps you maintain a schedule and working out with other people takes away the stress of working out because everyone's suffering through the same workout together haha.

Story of my life, sometimes I think it prolly would be better if I just became over weight so then I would be forced to work out and start eating healthier again.


Since I don't realllllly need to lose weight, I feel like "I can do it tomorrow"...blah, I need to stop eating nutella and burger king for lunch and dinner and seriously shape up for the summer.


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