I was always under the impression that guys liked to do the chasing. And while I don't advocate an anitiquated courtship, I was perfectly fine with letting the guys have all the pressure and just waiting for someone to come hit on me. I figured if they were interested, they'd get my attention. After having a discussion with some guy friends this weekend, they said they LOVE being hit on, especially when the girl is attractive. And that sometimes they're too intimidated when we're surrounded by our friends.
I guess it's as much a boost to their ego as it is to ours.
So do guys like being hit on? And if so, which is the best way for us girls to get your attention?
Hey, I'm just trying to get some tips here!

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I'm obviously not male, but I rarely get hit on and if I do, it's by someone I'd never, ever date i,e. really weird men. For this reason (sadly), I've always had to be the go getter and it works out just fine.
I love it; it can be very surprising at times, due to the belief that guys should always be the one. However since of late that trend is slightly changing, I don’t what the real reason is. But I would assume it’s the lack of confidence that we guys have at times to approach the females that really want to be approached.

The way to do it is really left up to the individual’s personality; all I have to say is don’t be too cheesy. Do the same things guy do, just come over introduce yourself and /or just start up a conversation, which will get the guy fired up and ready to talk. In other words flip the scrip of what a guy would do. But be totally hot if your not you might not want to approach a guy, you might just get a really hard knock to your ego. Lol
soo would this work on you?

that's what two of my guy friends told me to do...i just want to get some more reinforcement before i go and make a fool out of myself.... : D
It would have and it has worked on me before. They key to is know if that guy is single and thats a very hard job.
One word...


It's refreshing to have the tables turned around. It takes the pressure of. And frankly, it's quite flattering.
Yes, although I guess I can see how it would freak some out.
I think there's a certain limit and rules on how to hit on men if you want to do it. Some might get the wrong idea and just blatantly label. :) I'm more like mild flirting than obviously hitting on the guys I find attractive.
Yeap. As far as the way to get our attention, coming over and starting up a conversation always works.

If that fails, a lil cleavage is always a fool-proof backup plan.
Let me see....OF COURSE!
For a woman to make the effort shows lots of courage and self-confidence, and I love that.
Spread the word to your fellow ladies!
It still doesn't happen often enough (well, if my experience is anything to go by).
Even if I wasn't particularly interested, I would certainly be flattered and definitely wouldn't be harsh.

The best way to get my attention is simply to start talking to me. Nothing flashy required.
Men are simple creatures after all (well maybe not, but you know what I mean).
It can be a nice change to have a girl hit on a guy.


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