I mean, of course we all have neighbors..

But do any of you have those neighbors that you share walls with, that blast their poopy music every morning, the ones were you can always hear their tv, or the ones that talk so damn loud in the morning that they wake you and your baby up way too early?


If you do,, please tell so we can complain together.



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Ha My dad has no consideration at 5 am when every one else is sleep just because he goes to sleep with the chickens. As far as neighbors I have the nosiest messiest neighbors who are OLD!! They are always in our business. Watching what cars come over, watching the guy who comes to visit me even stopping him asking who he is. I get FED up

I think we are those neighbors. I live in a colocation here in Paris with 9 other people, and ever since we did a cover of Smells like teen spirit, 10 pm on a monday night the neighbors basically eat their own placenta if we play music past eleven on a friday. If we had the bass turned up, it'd be one thing, or if we had two speakers to play music out of or if we ever used amplified guitars....But these asshats aren't even 30. They don't need to be in bed at 11 on a Friday and they can hardly expect us to do the same. I mean, it's basically a party if we eat dinner together, so it can't be helped. 


That sounds like a blast. Our neighbors are a little different I think. They are SO LOUD in the late night/early morning and then they are up early. I don't know how they do it but I can only take one or the other, not both.
I have a house.  I am surrounded by neighbors but the distance between the houses is enough where I can blast music and have a little privacy.  It's nice to be able to play a song really loud at 1 AM.  I couldn't stand hearing sounds like the neighbors TV.  Or having to be quiet for them.  The only thing that really annoys me in my neighborhood is the constant douchebag bikers always reving up their engines so loud it sounds like its gonna explode, and the douchebags bumpin their stereo in their car.
Agreed. No one else wants to listen to their(most of the time) lame music. And the bikes scare my babes :(

the downstairs neighbour SWEARS its a figment of my imagination that I can hear and FEEL the bass from her sound system blasting through the floor. Then again, she also blames me for her dining room ceiling lamp falling out of the ceiling too. And she claims its my fault that we had not just one, but THREE different leaks in our utility room over night that flooded into her apartment. Really? I didn't realize I worked here & that it was my job and not the office or maintenance's job to make sure these things were in perfect working condition & not leaking. 


then there are the guys who live across the hall from her. Nice enough folks i guess. at least, one of their girlfriends is anyway- she always says hi and indulges in small talk whenever she sees me. But they have people over every night. Music blasting, windows open, hanging out on their porch and not a parking space to be found for the tenants of the building. Their guests were kind enough to spew all over the parking lot after drinking one night & they leave trash all over the place too. 


The girl that lives above them and across from us is cool. She just moved in after the guy that lived in that apt got evicted for being arrested 3 times in a month for domestic disturbance. He was an interesting character. I'm glad he's gone- he always scared me a bit and I called the cops repeatedly when he's start his drunken yelling. Him & his gf had a fight that lasted for over 12 hours one day- the windows in the sunroom were broken out, there were burnout marks on the parking lot pavement from his truck, the front door was all dented and punched in from where she'd barricaded herself inside & he'd tried to break the door down. They argued in the apartment, the communal hall, the parking lot, the porch, everywhere. Every time they slammed a door, the whole building shook. 


Then there's the witch that lives next to us. I call her the witch because she reminds me of the witch in hansel & gretel. sickly sweet and very kind, but there's something very odd and off about her. I don't trust her at all. She moved in a few months after us. She won't speak to you if you speak first & she gets annoyed with me because I constantly point out the fact that she takes up 2 parking spaces whenever she parks. (she has an old ass buick too.) The whole doorstep is covered in garden figurines & she's hung wreaths and decorations all around the door. She opens her door and looks out anytime she hears someone coming up the stairs but runs inside as fast as she can if anyone sees her. She keeps a door alarm on the door too (one of those super high pitched rape whistle type alarms where you pull the pin to trigger it) & I guess there's something that has a motion sensor in all the crap all over her doorstep that makes a a recording of a dog bark from inside.


The rest of the neighbours seem pretty decent. There's a girl & her bf who are really into the punk & rock scene on the first floor and they'll come over and hang out with us when we're down at the pool, and a more yuppie type couple on the second floor. There's a family with 2 elementary school aged kids who are fairly pleasant and I haven't met any of the others in the building. But I can't wait to move out of this apt and into somewhere else. Ideally, I'd love to find a decent townhouse or a cottage for rent. But that's not going to happen any time soon with my price range. So I'm stuck with shitty neighbours and run down apartments that need a full renovation. 

You win the cake.

Sorry for those neighbors :(

thanks. they're not TOO terrible really. Most of them have learned not to annoy me too much- I don't like to be disturbed and I don't think twice about complaining to the office so after the first official warning most of them apologized and do try to keep it to a minimum when I'm home but there are some days I'm just about ready to lose it. Esp. with the party kids downstairs. This is definitely one of those places where they paid people to write reviews about how amazing this complex is etc. because their apartmentratings.com rating went from being a 70-something back before we moved here in Nov, to 49% now.
ooooh. we live next door to a BAR. we can actually feel the ground move when they switch & move kegs in their basement. not to mention the awesome characters that graze the street all night long, use our front stoop as a phone booth, park their bikes/motorcyles by our house. luckily, our house is pretty insulated and we don't hear too much noise from music & whatnot and we sleep with either the a/c unit or an air purifier on to create some white noise & block out anything. living in a city in general can be a little noisy, we just have a bonus!
I live in a duplex house on my college campus. Our walls are really thin, so you can often times hear the neighbs walking up and down the stairs. But they're not loud or off-putting in any way. We all get along and are friends. I have more roommate troubles/issues than I do neighbor issues.


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