So I was curious, because I know I've done it before, but when you find someone's blog, do you judge the way their layout is before even reading what they blog about? 

I feel like a majority of the time, I'm always looking at people's layouts, and trying to see if I'll like their blog enough to follow. 

Once in awhile though, I find someone who is really funny, or random, and I will try to follow them. 

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Definitely.  I spend so much time & effort on my blog design that it's one of the first things I notice about a blog.

Me too! I spend a lot of time on my blog layout as well. 

For me, having a layout that is pleasing to the eye is important. So, I designed my blog with the hopes of presenting information in an organized fashion. I like my readers to feel at peace when they visit my blog and not overwhelmed with I-don't-know-where-to-begin feeling.

That's true. That's kind of why I thought it was good to bring up this issue because it's always good to present to your viewers your blog. 

I read blogs through Google Reader, so I don't really care too much about what a blog looks like - but if a blog's design is ugly that's a strike in my book.

Sometimes I wish I could comment through google reader too. Lol

I read through Google Reader too, but in order to actually subscribe to a blog I have to visit it and decide if it's going to hold my interest.

The absolute WORST thing, IMO, is when people use "fancy" fonts as their main text font.  I can handle it in headers/titles but your main body text really needs to be something simple.  Otherwise I probably won't make it through a whole post to even know if I like your blog or not.  It really is the best way to make me ignore your blog.

Yes, that's exactly what I mean! When you put a font like Impact as your main blog's font it gets annoying! Or something random like that. I mean I understand the regular fonts, like Times, Ariel, Georgia, but some fonts can get annoying. 

I think they should really get the whole commenting thing on google reader. I mean it's kind of annoying when you have to open up a brand new page to comment. Come on google! 

I am guilty. Colors. Layouts. Fonts. Photos. Etc are all a part of if I'll read a blog. Sad part is, perhaps I'm missing out on some good reading...

I think everyone does to some extent! It's not like I'll pass on reading a blog if the writing is great and the design isn't so good, but having a good design (meaning good looking and easy to use) definitely makes a blog more inviting!

Lol. I don't like it when people write question mark, question mark, question mark over and over again. And how hard is it to add an extra period to two periods? 


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