I know some bloggers have a golden rule when it comes to their posting schedule. Only Tues-Weds-Thurs. Monday, Weds, Thurs. Never on weekends. Every day no matter what. I personally don't like posting on the weekends- I feel like no one reads. 

Do you have a posting schedule?

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i envy the schedule types. but whenever i impose hard fast rules i always stray. i post when a storyline comes into my head. 

no posting schedule here.... but I have realized a pattern with people only blogging during the week. I don't have a "normal" work schedule so I guess I just blog around that 

I don't use a posting schedule, and normally blog whenever I feel like I have something I want to say (usually always!) but I didn't post this Saturday. Was too busy working :(

I have tried a posting schedule, but really I just post whenever I can. I know lots of people have blog readers and so I feel that even if I post over the weekend they could catch up with it on Monday :)

I blog when I want to blog, I have no set schedule.

I have recently started a Salvation Sunday series where I discuss my Christianity, so since then Sunday is just about the only guaranteed day I do post.  Plus, Sunday is my only routine day off so I try to draft posts then also and just publish throughout the week.  When I'm doing really well, I try to blog on a M/W/F/Sunday schedule...sometimes it becomes a Tu/Th/Sunday schedule when I'm low on material, haha. These aren't really strict rules, just something I aim for.

Personally I don't like blogs that are constantly posting (like every day) because it is hard for me to keep up with everything & provide quality comments/interactions.  So that's why I am for an "every other day" approach- it keeps me blogging consistently but without overwhelming either my readers or myself.  I definitely do notice that most bloggers tend to be quieter during the weekend though.

I have a question... Why a posting schedule? Why only on certain days? Doesn't that make Blogging a chore, or a job?


I write and post whenever I feel like it. Saturday, Monday morning, 3am on a Wednesday... Again on Wednesday evening if they material is there, three months later...



I choose to do the Christian-themed posts on Sunday because it's traditionally the day of rest/worship for that religion, and it just seemed appropriate.  Also it's my one guaranteed day off work, ensuring that it gets done.  I avoided talking about my religion for a long time on my blog, but it's recently become important to make it a focus since it is such a big part of my life.

For the rest of the week- I rarely blog on Saturdays just because I'm typically busy/tired.  I don't like blogs that post daily or back to back (as a reader, it's just too much to keep up with, so I try to not do that to my readers), so that leaves every other day.  MWF or T/Th is the natural progression from there.

It's not a set in stone rule (I'm doing a 10 day challenge currently and posting short posts daily), so it's not like I freak out or feel guilty if I don't manage to post on the "right" day.  Aiming for this type of schedule simply keeps me consistently writing without sacrificing quality or infringing on my life.  It's what works for me right now, and seems to work for my readers.

I posted on a schedule for the last part of 2012 and I loved it. Before I was only posting "when I felt like it" and it ended up being either feast or famine. I was still writing "when I felt like it" but I was scheduling the posts on Mondays and Thursdays. It helped my readership so much, because people knew what to expect. They could log on certain days and KNOW there would be new material. I was consistent and my readers became consistent.

I love to write. But I write on the Internet because, let's be honest, I want people to read.

This year I've been posting err'day. My Saturday posts get no love.

For me it's just whenever I have time to write the content, if it's a weekend so be it but if I have more than one post on the go I'll schedule to space things out a bit but that's usually a rare occurrence.

I usually only post during the week but not on any schedule. If I do find something to write about over the weekend I schedule it to post on Monday or Tuesday.


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