I know some bloggers have a golden rule when it comes to their posting schedule. Only Tues-Weds-Thurs. Monday, Weds, Thurs. Never on weekends. Every day no matter what. I personally don't like posting on the weekends- I feel like no one reads. 

Do you have a posting schedule?

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I try to post at least one autoimmune related post on Saturdays, one positivity blog on Friday and write an article for my paid sites on monday to start the week right

I've been trying to keep a Mon-Friday posting schedule. Key word is try but I set my minimum to 3 posts a week. For me it's about getting stuff out there when I feel inspired or think that a post can help in some way. While weekends are always a little more volatile as far as readership goes I feel like Social Media can help even it out. I say create a schedule that works for you and if you feel like writing, filming, or recording and post on a weekend go for it. No sense in waiting or being worries about running out of ideas - especially if your blogging about something you have passion for :) 

I'm too busy watching shows during the week to be creative.

(Walking Dead, come back to me!!!)

I don't have a "set" schedule, but I have learned that weekend posts tend to be overlooked and I don't like to post two days in a row (just a preference). If I'm really inspired, I'll write several posts and stagger them throughout the week. I'll do the same thing if I know I'm going to be really busy during a given time. But it's kind of controlled chaos. 

I actually find that Fridays are really slow days for blogging. Saturdays are pretty slow but I post about cooking on that day so usually I get some wrap around readers. My posting schedule is mostly Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Sunday is usually the most popular day. 

I post whenever I feel like it, really! Generally that amounts to 4-6 times a week on a fairly regular basis. If I happen to have something I want to blog about and it's a Saturday, then so be it. :)

I tend to avoid Saturdays, and I usually do weekly posts Fridays and Sundays (a blogger spotlight on Fridays and weekly reading on Sundays). I don't schedule my other posts, I just usually make time to get a couple in during the week. When I have time I'll schedule a few posts ahead of time so that I don't have to worry about it during the week.

I try to post everyday. Usually I spend a day or two earlier in the week to set up and schedule posts for later.
I post Monday - Saturday. I never post on Sundays, though.

I try to schedule posts during the week. I have just about the whole month of March planned out, but all of the posts haven't been written yet. It's just easier to do that for me, so I can stay caught up on reading blogs, commenting, and responding to comments. Usually, I don't have that many posts planned out. Sometimes I post on Saturdays and Sundays, but the majority of the time, I don't.


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