I love playing around with the look of my blog.  I don't really stick to any colors/fonts/etc...just whatever fits my mood at the moment.  I know some blogs/people are really strict on keeping a specific look or color palate to represent their blog.  Do you think this is important?  I'd like to have an icon or some kind of constant, but the reality is I like change too much to really stick with anything. 

Do you stick with a specific palate or icon?  If so, how did you decide what to use for representation?

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I've gone through MANY designs and layouts, regrettably. I think a blog should have familiarity, and be consistent in "it's look"... I want my readers to recognize my Blog at a quick glance, so I'm going to try to stop changing the look. I found a layout that I'm going to stick to, and a simple design of a white background with one accent color for the font. At least this way, if I get the urge to change things I can get my fix by just changing the accent color now and then...

I have followed some Blogs that have kept the same design since the very beginning... Dedication! Love it!

I've never really changed my blog design per say, but I've changed my banner a dozen times or so since last year. I'm not big on changing a lot of things on my blog, because once in awhile, I think if I mess around with the layout too much I might do something that completely f's up my blog. 

It's definitely risky at first.  There are tons of tutorials though, and as long as you back up your template before doing anything you should be fine.

I change my blog design at least once or twice a year. I just get an itch for something new. I think if you write good content people will read no matter how many times you change the design. Although if you change it every week that might be overkill

I think all websites (not just blogs) are constantly evolving and are never really "done" design-wise. I'm constantly making minor updates that don't change the overall look of the blog, but add a new function or remove something outdated. I have done some much-needed major updates in the past, though, because my blog looked a little outdated, or too simple. Don't think there's anything wrong with that. There are so many gorgeous templates out there that it's tempting to experiment. I think that's totally fine-- I mean, it's your blog! As long as the overall feel goes hand-in-hand with the kind of content you're producing, you're on the right track. But I do think once you find something that works, stick with it for awhile. Instead of changing the whole thing up when you get bored, adjust small things like fonts or your sidebar. I've been working on perfecting my sidebar for months, and I love it!


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