In response to the topic "Ladies, what is the one girly must-have you just can't live without?" what type of stereotypical man things do you own, and aren't willing to part with? Is it a pair of matching M-60 machine guns? A copy of Die Hard on Laserdisc? A handful of dirt that you plan on man smashing into some nerds face? My personal fave is my original Hulkamania wristband. I am pretty sure it's the reason I have a beard.

Answers are appreciated. Keep it amusing to read.

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The ability to take the piss. It's the one thing that separates us totally from women and, lets be honest, it makes everything funny.

I'll give you an example. If a girl is dumped by her partner she will phone her friends who will gather round with wine and chocs and encouragement whilst badmouthing the utter bastard who, until he had ended the relationship, had been a lovely guy.

Contrast this with the following conversation which I saw firsthand.

Bloke 1: I was dumped on Monday. Been a pretty shitty week.
Bloke 2: Yeah?
Bloke 1: Yeah. We were due to get married and everything. I spent 900 hundred quid on the ring. I've lost the one thing that makes my life complete and now I'm wandering aimlessly through existence. I mean, we shared everything. Hell, even her kids were calling me 'Dad', I've never known happiness like it and I don't think I ever will again.
Bloke 2: Well, I suppose. But you've got to look at it from her point of view. You have got an exceptionally tiny cock.
lmao. Bloke 2's responses sound like something I would say. Then again, apparently I'm a disgrace to the women's handbook since my suggestion whenever anyone (male or female) gets out of a relationship is for them to get drunk, get laid, and forget the ex.

and yes... a girl just hijacked the thread. :-P
probably my xbox or youporn
my high level of common sense, so that when a woman asks me if a particular Cosmo article about men is true, i know to say "WTF, NOOOOOO!"

Probably rationality.

Lots of 'em even. Strung together in a magnificently logical arrangement.
For some reason I can't come up with anything but asshole-ish things to say to this, like, testicles and acyclic hormone production. Both things I am thankful for, though testicles can sometimes be uncomfortable, particularly when wearing the kind of jeans in which women suggest my bottom looks best. I dunno. The 29 cents more I make for every woman's dollar?

In all honesty, the answer is probably sports. I don't think I'd be nearly as happy as I am without sports.
I think you mean sports played by men. Have you watched the WNBA? It that was the only sport left on Earth I would take up knitting.
and to this I have to quote one of my good buddies, Sean.

Sean said "Women's sports is about as cool as a toothy blowjob."

I have been an athlete all of my life, and I love sports, and I'm good at them. But even I can understand there's no way women will ever be able to compare to men when it comes to athletic ability. I don't mind watching women's sports when I have friends on the team, but I would never pay to see a game, and I would never spend an extended period of time watching it on TV. Especially if there's an MLB or NFL game on. Sorry ladies.
bahahaha I love the 29 cent comment! good thinkin!
A guitar. Music in general. Because how are you supposed to woo the ladies without one?
My cock-ring.

Oh, and my "My Little Pony Victorian Tea Party" action set.


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