This morning I found out a friend of mine died yesterday evening.  He was riding his motorcycle on a county road and a car coming in the opposite direction crossed the center line and collided with him head on.  My friend was pronounced dead at the scene.  He was 22.

I didn't know him all that well but he was someone that definitely touched my life.  He was the kind of person who always had a smile on his face, always had a good thing to say about everyone and always looked for the good.  He was goofy and happy and someone you knew that you could count on.  He would have gone on to do such wonderful things.  And instead his life was cut very, very short.

I've never lost anyone like this before.  I've lost grandparents but I'm having a hard time coming to terms with someone so young dying.  I'm fine until I think of yet another thing that he will never be able to do again and then I start crying.  I just cannot fathom this.

To anyone who has lost someone that was young, how did you deal?  How did you come to terms with the fact that a young life was cut short?

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I'm so sorry you're going through this.

A friend of mine reccently passed away. He was only 20. I blogged about it here RIP Travis McPherson

To be honest, it doesn't get easier. At least not for awhile. It helps to talk about it with other friends. Know that they are going through the same thing. That's my best advice.

Again, I'm so sorry. It really is the very worst experience.
A friend of mine lost her one year old son not too long ago and it still hurts. Like others said before me, you don't deal with it, the pain is always there but over time it does get easier.
Dying young is my worst fear.
I don't have any experience of it personally, I'm really sorry for your loss.
I did just write a massively emotional (for me) blog about River Phoenix though who died at 23, such a waste of a life.


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