Hello folks, 

I am coming back and asking again. For a while now I have ben trying to put together an online magazine. For now I am starting with NYC 20somethings for them I want it to be fresh and new and showcase the voices of our generation. I think it is missing. We are not all as glamorous as seen on TV and NYC living can be hard but also amazing. I want East Second to show it all. I need writers. 

I got carried away with other things, sometimes life happens, but now I am ready to launch so if you are interested let me know!

We will have round tables and pitch ideas and make something fabulous, so come help me!

Peace and Love,


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Are you only looking for writers in NYC?

For now yes. Once I get rolling I may expand but that is the main focus now. 

I am interested!!!



Welcome to 20SB!

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