Hey singletons,

I'm seeing many bloggers south of the border and commonwealth friends from the UK talk about their dating experiences, but not too many from Canada-land.

So, shout out if you're a Canadian, dating in Canada!

All you other daters/ singletons can say hello/bonjour too, obvs!

Loving all of your blog posts! :)



La Blonde xx

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Hey! I'm Canadian! Where are you from?

Just wanted to say hi, there aren't very many Canadians on here...


Why hello fellow Canuck! I'm from the big city, Toronto! Where are you from?
I should have put in the
discussion subject if there were any Canadians on 20sb at all! Well if there are... Feel free to say hi to Rachel and I! :)

Go Leafs Go! Ha, I can say that now!

I just finished reading your latest post :) I've been following for a while and love your blog! I wouldn't give up on FG yet! It's so easy to over analyze communications/lack there of.

I am not from Canada, as you guessed from my blog name http://newyorkcliche.com, but holla from a dating/singleton New Yorker! 

Aw thanks for the kind words! I equally love your blog... You are like a real life Carrie... singleton in NYC! I LOL'd to "the first dudes (duds) of 2013. SO true!

Oh the FG... we have a date tonight actually, so LAST minute. But at least it's a date right? 

Well, even though you're not Canadian, I often say Toronto is like a small version of NYC, expect not as cool, and not as fun, and the shopping isn't as great..... hmmm. So the posh-like attitude and traffic is about the same?  Either way, thanks for stopping by!

Oh and I LOVE the photography on your blog. Nice job! You're inspiring me to whip out my camera and take some of my own! :)

20SB's founder Lisa is from Canada. She's super busy, but I thought I'd make the introduction for you :) 

Hey thanks for the intro Jen!

Hi Lisa... Way to start such an awesome website. Go Canada! :)

Let's get some more fab Canadians bloggin'!

I'm Canadian!

Here's where I usually moan about my misadventures in the world of dating:    http://littlearrowshurt.blogspot.ca/


Welcome to 20SB!






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