Bored watching Notre Dame at Hawaii. So, here's a question:

What are your favorite moments in music? The intro to Stairway to Heaven, the choir in Happy Christmas (War is Over), that sort of thing.

When the guitar first lays in on Tool's "Aenema;" The Cowboy movement in "The Dead Flag Blues" by GY!BE, right when the rapid strumming kicks in. Bar none.

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Another Tool song does it for me. "Rosetta Stoned".. at about the 8 minute mark.. the part beginning "Overwhelmed as one would be when placed in my position".. the song all comes together and starts to reach it's wonderful conclusion.

I love it.
That is a good'n. Ever see them in concert? They're incredible.
No, I've never had the pleasure.

Unfortunately, I live in Australia where these opportunities do not present themselves very often, and when they do tickets sell out too fast for lil ol me to get in on the action.

I take it you have though?
Yeah. Not to brag and then subsequently ooze about it, but I saw them at the Fox Theater in Detroit. That place alone is amazing, really trippy. Perfect venue for Tool. Every bit as good live as on record, and you fully understand just what sort of musicians they are when you see just the four of them up there. I'd never paid much attention to how complex Carey's drumming was until I saw him.


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