The votes have been cleared so everyone is back at zero!

Has your favorite blogger been featured yet? Well if they haven't then YOU need to nominate them!

A few rules/suggestions to make this process easier;

1) Sorry guys, but you shouldn't nominate yourself on here. It's about being nominated by your PEERS.

2) Please, please, please, provide a link to the person's profile/blog. Just stating their name does NOT mean we know who you're talking about. There are 50 Rachel's on this site... Some people use their blogs as their profile name. If you only list a name we most likely won't count it.

3) If someone nominates someone that you love, great! But please try to not just say "I love her/him too!" I don't know if you are voting for them or just loving them. If you want your vote to count, please state "I agree, She/He has my vote too!"

4) We know you love your blogger buds but voting for them twice in one month doesn't help them. One vote per month. Get out there and encourage others to vote!

5) One vote per month means one total vote. A nomination is counted as a vote. We know it's tough to make sure you 'second' a person who's been nominated (to keep the thread organized, but no matter what just cast a single vote each month.

So get out there and vote! we will have a new voting discussion every month, so if your favorite doesn't win this month try again next month!

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Wait help. I'm "special." How do I know who won January so that I can pick someone new? I know, at some point, someone is going to punch me in the face for being this challenged.. but until then, I'll ask!
P.S. Before someone votes me off the island, I do know about this ( but it didn't list January so that's why I asked. LOL.
Haha no I'm with you!! Maybe we're both just *really big noobs* but I'd like to see who won for January first too :)
It's kinda hot to see a girl call herself a noob. Actually, not just kinda hot -- really hot. Even the way you put it in asterisks... as if it was a big deal... aw!


Am I the only one that feels this way?

Can some geeks come to the rescue... please?
i loled irl. :)
LOL I should've used zeroes
*fans self*
You can catch me!
This is hilarious, it's like an interactive, online blogging version of Russell Brand!!

And nobody's answered Brittney yet! :(

Do I get to choose what you draw on my face at least?

Usually when a girl passes out in my presence I take much more advantage of them...
Mythbusters recently debunked the hand-in-hot-water myth...! Hah!

The rest sounds great tho'.
I like where this is going. Giggidy.


Welcome to 20SB!






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